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    Mama Noah
    Jan 1 '18
    My Name is Maluleka I was in love with my man for 5 years and it was all good, he loved me and I loved him, we even got a baby together and he was planning to pay Lobola and marry me.
    I was not working but he was working and was supporting me and my baby, as I was still looking for the job but nothing was coming my way.but he was faithful to me and a loving dad.
    Time came when there was this girl whom he was working with and she started having feelings for my man, I never knew it at first for about three weeks, but he told me nothing about her, so as time went on, he began coming home late and to ask him where he was, he told me that he was with his friends. I said OK because I was not suspecting him I was trusting him, but even the next day, he came late and now it became a routine, and I was asking him but everyday you come late, why.then he began shouting at me that I should not interfere with his life, he is a man and he knows what he is doing, and I feel like its so hard for me, then I should leave him alone, and he began fighting me. So I kept silent, but it hurt me so much because ever since we came together he never talked to me like that, if he made a mistake he would apologies and we move on well but this time he was rude and even wanted to beat me, I was so scared of him and from that day, he began drinking coming home late and drunk and smelling some funny perfumes we don’t use at home. Then I knew that there is someone in his life now, he is seeing someone else.
    One day he came home and I as I checked his pocket because I wanted to take his clothes to the laundry I found a packet of condoms, and a peace of a red flower, I had never given him flowers that week, then I asked myself where did it come from and what are these condoms doing here, so I knew that he was cheating on me, I cried and cried, because I was faithful to him and kept myself for him and did everything to make him happy so that we can live together happily with our daughter, but now he was cheating, started sleeping out for days, and my life was now a mess, he stopped supporting us, as he would finish the money with girls and alcohol, so it was so hard on us, never called never, picked nor relied my messages, then suffering came in.
    As I was seated at home one day and I saw a lady on internet thanking Mamaa Noah +27632454019 who helped her also with her cheating and drinking husband, so luckily enough she had shared the doctors number so I phone the doctor that day and he told me that she will help me and she told me what to do, so I did as she instructed me and we did everything, thank God I had remained with some small money so I sent her the money she asked to buy the spell materials.
    Then after 6 days, then my man came home and ask me to take me out for dinner, so I agreed and while at dinner , he began to confess to me as he was seeing this girl at work and going out with her and he cheated on me, but he felt sorry for all he did, he also didn’t know what was happening to him, so that I should forgive him, and he felt sorry so all he had caused us and was willing to do anything to make it up for us.
    I was speechless and only in tears of Joy, in silence i was feeling of joy because i never expected that these prayers were now working on him, so dinner was over and I was surprised that he actually did that and I wasn’t also so sure that he meant what he said so I waited for few days, but can you believe it that this is now eight months, since we did the prayers Mamaa Noah, everything is fine now, and he no longer drinks, he comes home early, he loves his daughter and it is amazing,we are now organizing to go for lobola and then marry me. She also helped me to get a job using her luck spell and now am working in trans net.
    Thank you so much Mamaa Noah for helping me out, and returning my joy and love life back on track.
    If you need help for anything Call Mama Noah +27632454019 Email mamanoahh@gmail.com
    My Name is Maluleka I was in love with my man for 5 years and it was all good, he loved me and I loved him, we even got a baby together and he was planning to pay Lobola and marry me.
    I was not...See more
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