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Hat season is here Valentino UK in full force, and consequently, I'm being asked by countless stylists (and more than a few pals) how to pair interesting beauty looks with oversized winter accessories without going overboard. Most of the accessories right now have a '60s feel, so I love the idea of a winged cat-eye. It plays up your eye shape, which is essential because big hats can cast a shadow, hiding your beautiful features. And, doing a bold color will allow your eyes to stand out a lot more.

Obviously, you could do a traditional winged liner, but I wanted to switch up the shape to add variety to the look. A big trend at Fashion Week was a focus on bottom liner \u2014 we saw it at Thakoon, Topshop, and Giles \u2014 but, I decided to give it an electric shock with a hit of cobalt blue. (In turn, I muted everything else on the face down.) Using L'Or\u00e9al's Silkissime Eyeliner, I started at the inner corner, then dragged it all the way to the outer edge, then flicked it upwards for a wing effect. Just make sure you're using a freshly-sharpened pencil so there's an element of precision to the look. On our model, the lovely Ms. Ariel Beesley, I traced more around the center, which creates the illusion of an oval-shaped eye, which can be very pretty. If the cobalt is too much, you could Valentino UK Store also try something like a copper red (great on green eyes) or a pewter to add brightness to dark eyes.

We were really feeling the '60s vibe, so I played it up by adding layers of mascara to the bottom lashes using Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes \u2014 it has a rounded, ball-shaped brush, so it's ideal for that heavy effect. If you're not crazy about this kind of look, try just one coat, or keep the application on the top outer corners instead, which will enhance the elongated shape.




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