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Before floor installation need to do the ground was dry, smooth, no obvious bump at. Ground to determine the pipeline, and crossed indicated. Bedroom door to step aside during the construction of wood flooring installation size (usually plus keel thickness of the floor thickness). Acceptance must be carried out after the arrival of the wooden floor, outdoor tile on your deck, including: whether the consistent and ordered goods, packing, quantity, grade, color, plate surface is important to note, in particular, whether the floor corner bump phenomenon. Maintaining the overall level ground and thoroughly cleaned, a process will be easy the next.

Construction crossed, using ink lines crossed, keel spacing depending on the length of the floor, depending on the length of the floor is based on the principle of sharing, but a maximum 400mm; keel length spaced 400 ~ 450mm shells a line position. A cross was punched dotted line (depth of the hole is 40 ~ 60mm), and then driven into the cork, average cost of composit wood deck, cork to completely swell hole, and to clean up the ground again. Keel material is generally dried pine needles, nails keel fixed to the ground. Keel laying, need to be fixed after the leveling process is completed, the entire surface of the keel need a level surface (pavement liner required, can be laid on this basis).

Keel laying damp proof membrane, moisture-proof membrane interface for an overlap 200mm. Middle keel spacing evenly sprinkle some of pest control agents. Dedicated flooring nails, in the direction of 45-degree angle to the floor with a fixed keel, floor mounted with each contact to be fixed keel, floors and walls should be left 8 ~ 10mm rise contraction joints, building deck on concrete patio. After the wood floor coverings, the installation connector (buckle with flat buckle, height difference buckle, buckle and shut sun angle bar) and baseboard. Although basically wood workers will have to install, but to better understand what is not bad, oh easier supervision.

Summer has always been prone to laminate flooring peak of the problem. Since the summer, the various regions of the country in varying degrees have ushered in heavy rainfall and high temperatures baptism, custom outdoor composite prodcuts, this way, the probability of home laminate flooring problems greatly increased. If you care enough to strengthen the floor thoughtful, In case of flood damage, the best way how to care laminate flooring it?

In this small series summed up the laminate flooring flood damage and flood damage after four cases of solution. First, the occurrence of flood damage laminate flooring to in the shortest possible time to strengthen the wood floor surface waters dry. cost effective wood decking india. At the same time take the floor cleaner in the bubble Mizuki splicing gap sucked vapor, or get cold dry with a hair dryer, but do not use hot air to prevent surface drying due to heat caused by deformation of dry.

already soaked warped deformed laminate flooring, the best replacement is not recommended planing arched part, re-paint approach, because the camber part planed after repainting and lead to 3 layers wood flooring manufacturer cheap other boards color coordinated, and the entire board of uneven thickness, the force is different, prone to depressions.

Air conditioning dehumidification function get After the installation of wood flooring in the family, the family needs to pay attention to the dehumidifier. Experts believe that, do not specifically take a long time, while watching TV after just go back to work, black composite panel fencing material , while the open air dehumidifier function day to open two or three hours is enough. Back to the south in the past after the dehumidifier would not, as long as the home is often open the door, window ventilation on the line.

Do not wet mop used When wood floor care, moisture is in need of special attention. When clean, not used wet mop wood floors, all wood floors can not stand, it is often best to wipe with a dry cloth. As well as in the bathroom, plastic wood floor back yard , the kitchen where there is water, water to cross the border, not leakage occurs, otherwise leak into the wood floor below, over time will be bagging, deformation and expansion. In addition, to remind users: summer typhoon season, a storm is blowing sideways under the table, the family should pay attention to the doors and windows shut, if not about ignoring the result of rain coming in, and that the floor will be problems.

If Heating leakage or ground water damage must be promptly cleaned, can not let the sun, prolonged sun exposure or directly with the baking furnace, in order to avoid excessive drying, cracking floor. Good long-term unoccupied floor paint, covered with plastic sheeting or newspaper should not, over time the film will be sticky and dull, but avoid hot water basin, hot cooking pots and other objects placed directly on the floor surface, Wood Plastic Composite Floor Have Many Advantages, application of wood or straw cushion, so as not to scorch the film. After laying floor paint to minimize direct sunlight, so as not to paint too much exposure to ultraviolet light, dry and aging in advance.

Candle, burning candles left accumulate, when to collect a certain quantity, remove the chop the candlewick, according to the quantity, add an equal amount of turpentine oil in wax, placed in a pan of cool water boil water, make candles melt, stir and pour into tank cooling. Set aside. wooden decking in india , Wipe the floor in order to make the relaxed and save Labour, floor wax can be slightly heating before use. The mixed lotion: in a large pot into the soft soap, bleaching earth, soda each 450 grams and 2270 ml of water mix, boil them and stay up to half of the original volume, and then cooled and deposited in the jar. Set aside.

With a stiff brush dipped in the fluid brush clean the dirt on the floor, it is usually possible to follow the pattern of the floor brush, then wash with hot water and dry the skin. Salad oil, milk and tea: clean the floor, add a few drops of oil in water, exterior plastic fencing Turkmenistan , can make the floor is very bright. Add a little vinegar, or spoiled milk not only can decontamination, and can wipe very light. In addition, the paint on the floor of the dirt, can use strong tea juice. Wipe with burnt honeycomb coal ash stains out of the kitchen floor, and then sprinkled vinegar on the mop mop the floor, it is easy to get rid of stains.

Strong alkaline: floor have oil stains, such as grease can be used to boil thick stone aqueous alkali cleaning, and then smear on the overlying used bleaching clay and hot synthesis of dough, and maintain a night again clean, can be repeated if necessary. Salt: floor have egg, can sprinkle some salt on egg stuck, after 10 to 15 minutes, the egg on the floor is easy to remove. Durable Outdoor Tongue And Groove Decking Wholesale . Tape and vacuum cleaner: scattered around shards of glass is very dangerous. If the visible to the naked eye, with sticky tape; If into powder, should with cotton dipped in water absorption, or sprinkle a grain, stick it up, again with a vacuum cleaner sucking up. On the floor of the glass spread can also be used wet soap according to wipe, glass crumbs will stick on the bars of soap, scrape down then it at any time, until completion of the clearing. 

No matter what kind of flooring materials, should be cleaned before the first toys, buttons, and other foreign matter to pick it up, and then a broom, vacuum cleaner, or paper dust mop, is wood plastic composite expensive Norway , the floor surface beneath furniture, corner dust, hair, removed cobwebs in particular leading to the outside of the entrance gate and, because most of the dust and dirt are coming from here.
A flooring material, select the appropriate floor cleaner, prior to use, in accordance with the degree of dirt, the amount of floor cleaner diluted poured into the bucket, outdoor floor rails modern design , then the direction of the interior mop mopping the floor toward the door.
If a corner or floor joints and other more difficult to clean the place, you can use an old toothbrush dipped directly floor cleaner brush can also be directly poured onto the floor cleaner wiping cloth, then rinse with water. Engineering Wood Flooring Near Swimming Pool Area For Sale . However, the concentration of the surfactant in some floor cleaners higher ground after dragging finished, semi-moist ground would be more exposed to dust, the results get more dirty, therefore, pay special attention to the selection of products have a good reputation. 

Some consumers home floor use after a period of time, it appeared the phenomenon of deformation, springing. This may be because the indoor humidity is big, absorb too much water floor, composite wood for roof top decks lead to the expansion and appear bulging. May be due to the expansion joints between the floor at the time of shop floor is too small, the floor is in use after a period of time in heat bilges cold shrink, squeezed between floor and floor appear bulging. In this case, first of all, at the time of the shop floor, reserve a good expansion joints, avoid the expansion joint is too small and the emergence of bulging.

And then in everyday use, do not use wet mop to clean the floor, avoid excessive floor imbibe, and pay attention to in the season when damp control indoor humidity, avoid floor be affected with damp be affected with damp and arch camber. outdoor hand railings UAE. The floor appears, is a lot of families after using the floor will appear the phenomenon, many residents don't care when the floor appears pale, in fact this is not only affect the appearance of the floor, floor internal structure change of a kind of performance.

Canada Composite Deck Wholesale For Open Air Platform. In this case, mostly due to the floor for a long time under the sun direct illuminate, lead to the floor paint film on the surface of the decoloring or discoloration, so in daily life, we need to avoid the floor under the direct sunlight for a long time, especially for the sunlight area such as window, sun protection measures should be taken. 


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