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Skin bleaching has been a topic of debate, particularly among Africans, for as long as the practice has been around.

In fact, celebrities across the continent have been severely criticised by the public for lightening their skin in attempts to enhance their looks.

In South Africa, celebrities such as Kelly Khumalo and Mshoza have undergone the procedure and achieved … varied results.

methods are, they still pose a substantial amount of health risks. Which is why KZN’s department of health as well as UKZN are planning a march to create awareness about the dangers of using illegal skin-bleaching products.

The march, which is set to take place tomorrow in Durban, aims to spread knowledge about what has been described as an epidemic and burden on public health.

“This initiative takes place at a time when the usage of these illegal and dangerous skin bleaching products has become rife, particularly among Black and Indian communities,” the department said in a press statement.

Apart from the standard address by KZN Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo, people who’ve had bad experiences with skin bleaching are also expected to give testimonials.

Herman+MashabaWe need to start from scratch and step by step build a city that we can all be proud of,’ Mashaba said.

The Democratic Alliance’s new City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has vowed to restore law and order in the crime-ridden Joburg CBD. “We need to restore the basic rule of law in the city,” Mashaba told theSaturday Citizen yesterday.

“We cannot allow the city to collapse. We need to ensure that we bring law and order to the city.”

Yesterday, Mashaba announced his mayoral committee, which includes two members of the Inkatha Freedom Party, which gave votes to his party to unseat the ANC in the country’s largest metro.

Mashaba defended his choice of members of the mayoral committee (MMC), saying they were not his friends.

“The people you see here with me are not here because they are my close friends, Mashaba said in Johannesburg.

“This is not any form of payback or cadre deployment. These were chosen very carefully. The main consideration was their ability to deliver and their willingness to serve the people of Johannesburg, especially the underprivileged.”

The committee is made up of doctors, a professor and a community development activist, among others.

“If I wish to have a professional civil service I need to start by setting an example with the appointment of MMCs,” Mashaba said.

“It also brings a great joy to appoint such a diverse team of councillors in both race and gender.”

The DA was blasted for its mostly white and male executive in Tshwane this week. Mashaba said it was going to take time to correct years of mismanagement and delays in the city.

“We need to start from scratch and step by step build a city that we can all be proud of,” Mashaba said. “Together we need to bring change in Johannesburg.” He added: “The people of Johannesburg expect us to bring about the change we promised them during the last seven months of campaigning.”

Asked what he is promising Johannesburg residents in his first few days in office, Mashaba replied: “Before I make any real commitment, give me time to understand the finances of the city and get projects under way.”


Orlando Pirates midfielder Thandani Ntshumayelo has been banned from football for four years after testing positive for cocaine.

According to Power FM, an SA Institute for Drug Free Sport statement said that Ntshumayelo “confessed evidence that he did take three lines of cocaine at a party and that he was influenced by friends to take cocaine and as a result committed a mistake”.

“The athlete further confessed that he did take the substance three days prior to the date he was tested. The athlete further testified that he took the substance knowing that it was cocaine and that it was a banned substance.”

Ntshumayelo tested positive for cocaine following a routine drug test after an Absa Premiership match between Pirates and Platinum Stars on January 9.

He has 21 days to appeal the sentence, from the day it was handed down, which was Tuesday.

Cassper perfoms

The Mama I Made It hitmaker said it would cost him R25 million to fill up Orlando Stadium.

Cellular giant MTN on Friday confirmed that it was sponsoring Refiloe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo’s Fill Up Orlando Stadium concert set to take place on October 29.

MTN said it was pleased to be the headline sponsor of the event, though it refused to disclose just how much it would be spending on the event, reports Sowetan.

Cassper took to Twitter to share the great news: “It’s not everyday a corporate company gets behind the dream of an African black child and genuinely help him/her. Ayeye MTN Ayeye!!!”

FillUpOrlandoStadium @CassperNyovest

It's not everyday a corporate company gets behind the dream of an African black child and genuinely help him/her. Ayeye MTN Ayeye!!!

3:14 PM - 25 Aug 2016

Initially, the Mama I Made It hitmaker said it would cost him R25 million to fill up Orlando Stadium.

At the time, he said was still struggling to get sponsors after he successfully filled the Coca-Cola Dome, the first South African artist to do so.

“I did this with my own money last year and was helped by my businessmen friends, and some of the brands like BP and AG Mobile pitched in and helped me, but the majority … I lost like R3.2 million of my own money, doing this, to show brands that this is what we could do.”

“If you’re watching this and you know an investor or you’re an investor, I need 25. You can come with five, it’s fine, it will help us.”

It seems Cassper’s plea did not fall on deaf ears, as MTN will be sponsoring the event.

Congratulations Cassper!

Davido's EP drops in September

When Davido bounced around New York in January, bought new jewelry for members of his team, and recorded short videos which chronicled the Nigerian superstar’s journey to Sony Music Entertainment’s offices, few would have predicted what was in store.

We knew the basics and we celebrated him for them; Access to funding, a chance to go global, improved recording systems, higher chances of collaborations, videos shot with the cream US stars, and an affiliation with a recording and distribution powerhouse with endless influence, pockets the size of blackholes, and opportunities to amplify any musician in the world.

But we failed to see the short term implications of the mega deal; the lack of new music, the insistence of RCA henchman, Efe Ogbeni, to remake the Davido that we know and appreciate, leading to a frustrating no-release phase. Davido has not dropped a personal song all year.


Davido signs global music deal with Sony BMG



Endless of hours of recording began, the singer kept his brand alive, created a new record label where he has launched Dremo and Mayorkun. But he had no music. His new deal required a subjective level of melody and technique in his personal singles before they can be made available. And also, the grand scheme involved the creation of a new Davido; a global superstar from Nigeria, with the talent, backing, and branding to make the world his oyster. Gone was the kid working his way through beats with Jfem. In came the guy who has recorded with long list of new age US stars, including Young Thug, Future, Rae Sremmund, Tinashe, and many others. Recently, he was in Jamaica, shooting with Popcaan for another Afro-Caribbean collaboration to cross continents and pop on a wider scale.

Davido and Tinashe 'How long' video shootplay

Davido and Tinashe 'How long' video shoot



This was the new Davido. Our new Davido. Sony Music’s new Davido. Created and marketed in the image of a global power player.

But did we consider the toll this would have on the rambunctious superstar? The guy whose every moment reads like a blockbuster movie script, written, acted and displayed via social media channels. How restrictive would it have felt for him to watch everyone around him drop singles, go pop and grab the headlines, for themselves because of their music?

Davido with Tinasheplay

Davido with Tinashe



Davido did grab the headlines this year though. His personal problems, baby mama drama, and a cross-generational clash with Dele Momodu, made him a hit in the news. Performances across various parts of the globe also did help his celebrity, and his pocket. But all of this pales if it has no musical backing. New content would have made his heart more content.

But we saw the work he was putting in, and the moves that his team were making to make the whole dream come together. Recording with Tinashe, shooting the video in Malibu, appearing on Apple Music’s Beat 1, and flying all over the world to score new collaborations.

Davido poses at RCA Records with Efe Ogbeni, Peter Edge, Tunji,.play


But finally, September is at hand. All of his work is about to come out in the open. All the sweat, hustle, and nights of full of hugging the mic will birth forth a double EP tiled “Son of Mercy”.

This will be his harvest. After many months of toiling, with the world waiting for a new Davido from Sony Music, we finally have one. This Davido has had all his tracked vetted and approved, the standard checks passed, and a plan in place for the rollout.

Davido will reap his due in September. Let’s hope we like what he offers.

Wizkid-Rewind that (Don't mind refix)

If there was anyone who deserved a big international deal, it had to be Wizkid. We saw it coming, we knew it was coming, and now it is here. Wizkid has signed a global recording deal.

We knew this going to happen anyway. Before he left EME, the signs were there. Wizkid had clearly grown bigger than the label, and wanted out from their control and management of his career. He created a ruckus, and earned a deal which had him drop a final album, and ran out.

Since then, he has grown exponentially.

Wizkid signs Sony Music dealplay

Wizkid signs Sony Music deal



Last year brought the explosion of ‘Ojuelegba’, a single off the“Ayo (Joy)” album, and the subsequent Drake remix was enough to create a working relationship which culminated into the phenomenal ‘One Dance’ smash hit song, where he got writing and production credits.

That was a win that became a slippery slope; creating a sequence of events that were not foreseen before the collaboration. Universal Music has been on Wizkid’s trail for over a year, where they have been working on a deal for him. The singer has seen Davido, and Ayo Jay all snag deals with Sony Music, but he wasn’t perturbed. More music, a couple of collaborations more, and the news has leaked.

"There's something big coming up for Wizkid, and it happened while he was in America. The deal will be the biggest ever signed by an African, and signifies progress for the music business on the continent," the source told Pulse.



 (Starboy Music)


Many sources are also talking, and pointing at Sony Music as the people on whose contract Wizkid signed the dotted lines. They say his deal is the biggest an African pop star has ever signed. Why not? He’s the only African pop star with the longest stint at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His sophomore album has stayed in World iTunes top 10 since its release in 2015, and his digital numbers are doing superbly.

The deal with this big music company will be announced in the coming weeks, where Wizkid will be unveiled, and the news will be flooded with details.

Wizkid deserves this. He has singlehandedly put in so much work, and succeeded in raising the ceiling of achievement for Nigerian pop stars. Because of Wizkid’s achievements, to truly be a superstar from this continent, you have to not only dominate at home and on the continent, you also have to work on exporting the music to other markets.

Wizkid performing at the One Africa Music Festplay

Wizkid performing at the One Africa Music Fest



This has made Wizkid the most eligible star to wave our flag and champion our sound in other markets, and a global recording deal is the way to go.

According to reports, this deal dwarfs every other one, and any other one. It elevates him to his factual position, standing tall over his peers and smiling for a job well done.

Here’s to an official confirmation of the deal.

Image result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka bodyImage result for destiny amaka body

Destiny Amaka, needs little or no introduction as she is beginning to gradually and gracefully become a household name to midnight listeners to Cool FM radio where she airs her show.

The diva who doubles as a Nollywood actress seem to have finally found love in the heart of a Nigerian man and they have wedded in a low-key ceremony.

The curvy Radio big girl recently shared the picture via her social media platforms with the caption; “Can’t wait till you all see this Movie I’ve been working so dam hard in! “The Night before”. Obviously revealing that the bridal look was for a movie she’s currently shooting in Lagos.

Destiny who is born to Nigerian father and South American, French and African mother believes that 90 percent of men in Lagos are married, while the remaining 10 percent are either still hustling or are ‘players’.

Destiny Amaka showing off her hot body
Cool FM on-air-personality Destiny Amaka is sizzling hot these days.Destiny Amaka went for a fitness programme months ago and the results are astonishing as she now rocks a slim and sexy body.Destiny Amakaplay

Destiny Amaka



The OAP who is on vacation showed off her bikini body on Instagram today, August 26, 2016. "So, I'm on vacation. Forgive me as I admire this new body of mine small" wrote Destiny Amaka.


On August 4, 2016, Destiny Amaka shared the journey of her weight loss. "It didn’t happen overnight and what was different this time is that I wasn’t looking for quick rapid results as before but I focused more on not gaining the weight back and sustaining my weight by setting smaller goals and keeping an eye on my weight by weighing myself every Sunday," wrote the OAP.

President Muhammadu Buhari departs Abuja for Kenya to attend the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development.BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari departs Abuja for Kenya to attend the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African DevelopmentBuhari
President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday, August 26, departed Abuja for Kenya to attend  the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI).

The two-day conference, which will commence on Saturday, August 27, will also be attended by over 35 African leaders and leading private sector companies from Japan.

During the conference, Buhari will participate in plenary sessions on TICAD in alignment with African Development, the Dialogue with the Private Sector and Global Launch of the Second Africa Human Development Report, the Presidency said in a statement issued on Thursday, August 25.

The statement said the president will also hold a bilateral meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

See photos of the President leaving Nigeria for Kenya above:

Image Title

Asanda‚ who made headlines last year when reports of her dismissal were released before the actress was notified of her release by the show‚ surprised fans recently when she posted pictures of herself on the set of a new show.

Talking to TMG Entertainment‚ Asanda revealed that after leaving Generations‚ she worked on several small roles for six months before landing her latest gig.

“I really thought it wouldn’t take this long. I’m surprised it took so long. I kept thinking that God had led me out of Generations so that I could take another role a week or two later but it didn’t happen. But I kept praying and drawing strength from God. I didn’t want to be a statistic. And so I worked on some smaller projects and even returned to theatre for a bit‚ but eventually this role came around and this one is big‚” she says.

“This new role is a great blessing from God. He always comes through for me.”

Although Asanda refuses to reveal the name of the show she is working on‚ she says fans will once again see her playing the role of a bride.

“I am playing the role of a bride. I always play the role of a bride. I think it’s a sign. God must be telling me something‚” she laughs.

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