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In Memory of Frankie Knuckles’ recent passing, female vocalist Billie Ray Martin has announced some unreleased music for free download. The EP is called “Electribe 101 – Heading For The Night – Frankie Knuckles Mixes”.


Born Birgit Dieckmann in Hamburg, Germany, Billie is a world renowned Soulful House vocalist, where her voice has featured in Ambient, Electro and Vocal house music. Billie’s first release was in 1990, titled Electribe 101.


On her website, Billie had this to say about the Frankie Knuckles’ remix EP “I don’t think these mixes were released (I could be wrong), so I thought it might be a good way to share some of the soulfulness of Frankie’s work he did for us here. Farewell and thank you Mr. Knuckles. To me the scary sounds on some of these mixes are just amazing and give this tune edge. The basslines are killer! The strings and pads pure soul. I was never keen on my vocal on this song, but …you live and learn. Enjoy.”


The download package includes five versions of the song, all produced by Frankie Knuckles. Smooth ambient Jazzy House and pure class are what the download package embodies, this can be downloaded for free from the link below.


You can catch up with Billie on her website on this link: http://www.billieraymartin.com

Authorities in Pakistan have reportedly seized a large quantity of a chemical used for making improvised explosive devices that allegedly originated from Tanzania.

According to the Pakistani news website The International News, the amount is by far the biggest quantity of acetic anhydride seized anywhere in the world.

The 21.7 metric tons of the chemical, worth an estimated 860 million Pakistani rupees ($8.2 million), were discovered in a 20-foot container last Saturday, several weeks after it had arrived at Port Qasim from Tanzania.

Acetic anhydride is banned in many countries because it is used as the major precursor for the production of heroin and is also used in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

According to reports, the container was declared to contain "acetic acid glacial", but port authorities, upon receiving "credible" information, profiled and searched it.

The container, imported from Dar es Salaam last November, was later shifted to a container terminal in Karachi, according to reports.

Improvised explosive devices

Authorities primarily suspected the consignment in view of the fact that Tanzania was not traditionally a producer of acetic acid. The consignee of the shipment was said to be in Sialkot, a city located in the northeast of Punjab in Pakistan.

It was, however, yet to be determined what the actual purpose "of this sinister attempt" was, authorities said in Karachi.

They added that the expertise and skills of trained officers had led to the record seizure that would save Pakistan from the threat of IEDs.

This is not the first time that a large haul of chemicals, which are used to produced narcotics, have been seized after being imported into foreign countries from Tanzania.

Drug dealers

In July 2013, South African police arrested two Tanzanian women with narcotic substances worth $3.2 million at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport.

Ms Agnes Gerald, alias Masogange, was later fined 15,000 rand ($904), while Ms Melissa Edward was acquitted.

The seizure in Pakistan comes few weeks after President John Magufuli declared an all-out war against drug dealers.

Inaugurating the 11th Parliament in Dodoma last November, President Magufuli said fighting the narcotics trade would among his priorities.

Similar sentiments were echoed by newly appointed Home Affairs minister Charles Kitwanga, who directed the police force to dismantle networks of drug dealers operating in the country.

Control mechanisms

According the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), it is possible to purchase pharmaceutical products on demand in most countries in East Africa without presenting a valid prescription.

Many of these products, sometimes imported without authorisation, are sold by hawkers in street-markets.

UNODC says the situation has been worsening in the last 15 years. In the majority of the countries in the UNODC Eastern Africa region, control and monitoring of the national drug supply and distribution channels, including precursors, are inefficient.

This results not only in the ineffective control of pharmaceutical products, but also in the circulation of counterfeit medicines, according to UNODC.

The UN body says the emergence of Mandrax in the region has gone hand in hand with the diversion of licit drugs and essential chemical precursors into the illicit market.

The control of essential chemical precursors that are either being trafficked through the UNODC Eastern Africa region to countries producing cocaine and heroin or used in the illegal production of Mandrax, is an important part of the battle against drugs in the region.

It is feared that illegal trafficking, importation and use will continue as long as there are no effective control mechanisms in the countries of the region.

With agencies

source: allAfrica

We are living in an era of selfies but in Masogange's wide selection of pics, she will not miss out this shot given an opportunity...

A selfy without her backside is no selfy at all

Masogange's best selfie

Bloggers can sometimes have no chill, and Davido got a full dose on Sunday morning.

A South African lady friend of Davido, named Agnes Masogange, posted on Instagram, pictures of his chain and a pregnancy tool kit which she later deleted- but not before many conjectured it to mean she was pregnant for the HKN singer.

Davido’s fans and some bloggers set alive the rumour mill as pregnancy talks flew around.


While the heat of the comments got too intense, the very-much endowed Agnes posted pictures of her fiance/baby-daddy, especially after Davido made comments distancing himself from the whole charade.

agnes 2

News of this little social media fiasco got to her fiance and apparently he threatened to leave her.

This made her put a desperate call through to Davido, and the singer took to Twitter to air out his frustration and also appeal to bloggers not to destroy Agnes’ relationship.

He pleaded, challenged and guilt-tripped bloggers.

source: Ynaija.com

image: http://i2.wp.com/expressng.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Agnes-Masogange2-400x398.jpg?resize=400%2C398


The internet space today was thrown into a frenzied mood when reports emerged that Davido might have impregnated and is expecting a child with Tanzanian model, Agnes Masogange .


After been the subject of discussion for hours, it sure looks like Agnes, who started the rumour with a suggestive post earlier today , has caved in and denied the widespread rumour.

Fans of pop star, Davido may now heave a sigh of relief from baby drama, as fresh development has shown that he is not expecting another baby.

Agnes had posted two photos on her Instagram account which led to the speculation.

The first picture featured her showing off Davido’s popular HKN pendant with the caption ‘I miss him’.

An hour apart from the first post, another image popped up on her timeline; this time a pregnancy kit which indicated positive.

But fresh reports which has emerged shows that Agnes may have bamboozled us all.

She has since deleted the earlier photos, and replaced them with a photo of herself and her supposed expectant baby daddy putting a new twist to the whole story.

The new guy Agnes unveiled is Tanzanian actor, Rammy Galis.

In this new picture, Agnes Masongange and Rammy Galis all loved up.

Read more at http://expressng.com/2015/12/tanzanian-model-agnes-masogange-denies-being-pregnant-for-davido/#uUbh4Vc0gsdw967q.99

Johnny Depp. (Greatstock/Splash)


    Los Angeles - Johnny Depp is reportedly set to give a tell-all interview about his acrimonious split from Amber Heard.

    The 52-year-old Hollywood star recently separated from the 30-year-old beauty amid allegations he verbally and physically abused her, but Johnny is apparently set to address those claims in a TV interview.

    A source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "He is shell-shocked over the events of the last week and is determined to tell his side of the story. His whole life has been turned upside down."

    The report comes shortly after his estranged wife claimed Johnny abused her while high on drugs and alcohol.

    The actress said: "I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse from Johnny, which has included angry, hostile, humiliating and threatening assault to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him.

    "As Johnny's paranoia, delusions and aggression increased throughout our relationship, so has my awareness of his continued substance abuse.

    "Because of this, I am extremely afraid of Johnny and, for my safety, I am petrified he will return at any moment."

    Amber isn't the only victim

    Meanwhile, Amber's neighbour Raquel Rose Pennington has given a deposition to support the allegations made against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

    She wrote to the court to allege he "slapped her hands away" when she broke up an argument between the former couple on 21 May.

    Writing in a document for court, Raquel said: "I got a text message asking me to come over to her condominium unit. When I opened the door, I saw Amber by the couch, covering her head with her arms and hands, as Johnny was loudly screaming at her.

    "I ran over and stood in between Johnny and Amber, begging Johnny to stop yelling at her. I put my hands out in a defensive manner motioning him to stop. Johnny slapped my hands away and screamed foul obscenities at me."

    Local Music is put in the spotlight. (Images: Album covers)


      The urban music radio station MetroFM has quietly backtracked on SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s 90% local music decree, and is now playing 50% local music and 50% international music just two weeks after the "radical decision" was announced.

      The SABC’s controversial chief operating officer (COO), Hlaudi Motsoeneng, spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago and SABC board members have all repeatedly said there won’t be any exceptions for any SABC radio stations and that the move to 90% local music is permament.

      MetroFM has however now broken away from the sanctioned quota and is now playing 50% local music and 50% international music since Sunday. MetroFM publicist Happy Ngidi didn’t respond to a media enquiry made Monday morning about the radio station’s break with the 90% local music airplay order.

      While the move to more local airplay on radio was widely welcomed by South African artists two weeks ago, listeners of the SABC’s various regional, language and culture based radio stations – like for instance LotusFM in KwaZulu-Natal catering specifically to a dedicated and loyal Indian listenership – have been vocal about their dislike of the sudden change.

      Listeners who say they are tuning out are not against the greater airtime for local music on SABC radio stations but say the 90% quota is too high and are also upset over Motsoeneng’s order forcing radio stations catering to a specific cultural and language market segment to "cross-polinate" with other local music. 

      While RSG’s Afrikaans radio listeners now get airplay of Sesotho songs that’s been primarily the domain of an SABC radio station like LesediFM, LotusFM listeners the past two weeks had to listen to Afrikaans music and Mandoza in a move that meant less Indian and Bollywood music which is why these listeners say they tune to the station in the first place. 

      'If you don’t like it, tune to another non-SABC station'

      "People are talking about three months. I don't know where three months is coming from. 90% is for life," Motsoeneng said two weeks ago about the move. 

      Last week SABC board member Aaron Tshidzumba, when asked specifically if the SABC will pull back to play less local music if the public says it’s too much, said "It won’t happen".

      "As the board, I’m also uttering the words of Hlaudi Motsoeneng: ‘It won’t happen’. There’s a lot of private radio stations. If people don’t want to listen to SABC radio stations, tune to another one that is playing different music."

      SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago didn’t respond to a media enquiry made Monday morning seeking comment on why MetroFM adjusted back to 50% local music and 50% international songs on Sunday.

      Commercial SABC stations like 5FM and MetroFM were reportedly not told about the major local airplay rule by upper management before it was announced in mid-May with no time to plan properly. Stations had to scramble to find enough local appropriate music for playout and compilers had to redo playlists. source: channel24


      Johannesburg – SA celebs fled to Swaziland for the annual MTN Bushfire Festival which took place from 27-29 of May.

      The festival, which is in it’s 10th year, saw acts from all around Africa performing, including South Africa’s own AKA, DJ Zinhle, Beatenberg, and Kyle Deutsch.

      Check out some snaps from Bushfire 2016

      With only three months to go before the local government elections, the ANC has been left to deal with yet another embarrassing arrest of a mayor for fraud. 

      This week, the Hawks swooped on ANC-governed Amathole District Municipality mayor Nomasikizi Konza for allegedly defrauding the municipality of about R6 million. 

      In June 2014 Buffalo City mayor Zukiswa Ncitha and her deputy, Temba Tinta, were arrested for fraud and money laundering involving R5.9 million, which was meant to be spent on memorial service events after former president Nelson Mandela died in 2013. 

      Ncitha and Tinta were recalled by the ANC in June 2015. Their case has still not gone to trial. 

      Both the Amathole District Municipality and the Buffalo City Metro have their headquarters in the coastal city of East London. 

      Konza, who appeared in court on Monday, along with seven other officials linked to the Amathole Economic Development Agency, addressed a council meeting on Friday, where she delivered the state of the district address, in Stutterheim. 

      With a cloud hanging over her head, a small crowd of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members were picketing outside the venue. Konza appeared to enjoy support from ANC members who had come to defend her. 

      Konza began her speech by addressing the elephant in the room and acknowledged that she had been arrested on Monday. She said she wished the police had thoroughly investigated the case before arresting her. 

      “I am a South African, bound by the laws of the country. As mayor, I am not above the law. I trust the judiciary and wish that in this case there will be no influence, political or otherwise,” she said. 

      Konza said she was planning to visit kingdoms around the district so she could “explain herself personally”. 

      “I believe I am innocent until proven guilty. I felt I needed to do this in the beginning [of the speech] so that I don’t appear to be arrogant,” she said. 

      While appearing in court on Monday, Konza said she could only afford R500 for bail because she was a single parent and earned R30 000 a month as district mayor. 

      Initially, she claimed that she had an RDP house in Cathcart and a car, but she later admitted under cross-examination by the state that she also owned a house in East London, for which she pays a bond of R12 000 a month. The house is worth more than R1 million. 

      In the end, she was granted R15 000 bail, which she paid a few minutes later at the Cambridge Police Station. 

      Meanwhile, opposition parties have called for Konza to be suspended pending finalisation of the case. 

      Siyanda Ndikinda of the EFF said it was “disrespectful” to be addressed by Konza, an alleged criminal. 

      “All we are saying is that, if the ANC is serious about clean governance, it should have suspended her until the matter is finalised,” Ndikinda said. 

      Kevin Mileham, DA MP and shadow minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs, also called for her immediate suspension. 

      “While the DA stands firm in the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, we call on the ANC to do the right thing and suspend Konza pending the outcome of this investigation, so that the integrity of the investigation can remain intact and free from all potential manipulation in the hands of a mayor who has a dark cloud hanging over her head,” Mileham said. 

      Oscar Mabuyane, the provincial secretary of the ANC, said the party was concerned about the mayor’s arrest. 

      “Anything that seeks to implicate us and our deployees on any matters or allegations of corruption is a very concerning matter to ANC. We would like to keep ourselves away from those issues,” Mabuyane said. 

      He said the provincial officials of the ANC would be meeting with the mayor tomorrow to get an explanation from her, which would then inform the way forward.

      source: News24

      he SABC this week borrowed pages from the playbook of North Korea, where images of unfinished buildings are banned, and dance and praise songs to its dear leader fill the airwaves.

      The public broadcaster this week got its own “Thank You, SABC” appreciation song, giving thanks to the broadcaster for chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s new 90% local music rule. The song is by poet Mzwakhe Mbuli and comes complete with Hlaudi-praising chorus singers.

      The SABC promised that a music video and download of the song would be made available this past week, but it was not.

      Shown during a short performance on SABC2’s Morning Live, the praise song contains lyrics like “SABC, they’re showing their love to us” and “Hlau-di, Hlau-di, Hlau-di, Hlau-di, thank you SABC”.

      While the SABC announced last week that it has raised its royalties rate from 3.2% to 4% it – along with Primedia and Kagiso Media – hasn’t actually paid a cent in royalties to artists for years. Artists are owed millions in unpaid needle time. The SABC again promised that it would start actually paying artists but can’t say when.

      While the SABC claims there have been no complaints from its listeners on its 18 radio stations, furious Indian Lotus FM listeners gave Motsoeneng an earful during a disastrous call-in interview, slamming him as “the most arrogant man” they’ve ever heard.

      The train wreck Newsbreak interview last Saturday afternoon started with Motsoeneng censoring Lotus FM presenter Genevieve Lanka live on air when she said she wanted to read listeners’ comments, and mentioning that the majority of Lotus FM listeners, who now have to listen to Mandoza and Afrikaans music, don’t like the change.

      “I don’t want people of the SABC – especially you – you don’t have evidence of what you are saying, so I don’t think we should allow that to happen within the organisation,” said Motsoeneng, who banned her from reading listeners’ comments.

      “I don’t want you to read me what you have been reading.”

      A caller started to cry on air, calling Motsoeneng “arrogant” and saying that “whoever implemented this hasn’t even given the public a chance to find out if this is what listeners want”.

      “This quota is taking us back to the days of apartheid, when we, as the Indian community, were oppressed,” she said as she sobbed. “We must now listen to everything else,” she said.

      Motsoeneng was repeatedly asked how he arrived at his 90% rule and what market research was carried out but failed to give any clear answers.

      “Actually, everybody’s excited, including the politicians, Parliament, everybody,” said Motsoeneng. “Indian community, those who do not accept it, they shall just move on and accept it. It’s 90% local music.”

      Another male caller slammed “the crazy 90:10 ratio”, saying “I have never, ever on the national broadcaster ever heard such an arrogant individual as Motsoeneng. He reminds me of the apartheid era.”

      Motsoeneng said: “I don’t think it’s all Indian people ... who are opposing this move. It’s just the callers. And it doesn’t mean that when the callers call, that they represent the majority of the Indian community.”

      source: City Press Online

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