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If you are only comparing ninja to itself, you still can't say that nin "suffer" from doing dummy parse alone because it's not enabled by another person being here. if you are bringing another WAR/NIN in, might aswell bring a SCH for speed buff, and and AST for rng buffs.

I don't have a problem with dancing edge, i just have a problem with the fact that you mention it as a negative point on a dummy parse, which is missleading.

WAR/NIN can provide the slashing resistance FFXIV Gil down without being in the party, and therefore without giving the increased DEX of a party bonus. SCH and AST cannot do the same.

Also, slashing resist down meaningfully changes the rotation in a way that AST cards or Selene do not, so I would not consider those a comparable situation.

If you are parsing considering someone, anyone else helping you, you are doing parse wrong lol. by default, parsing is done alone for consistency and comparison, unless you parse on your own standard. i mean it doesn't just stop from SCH and AST (who btw, can give you card outside of pt), you can do foe requiem for increased ninjutsu damage, MCH for hypercharge turret

Which is why my initial response had me doing my own Dancing Edges.

I'm not sure why I'm having to debate this so hard...I've already objectively proven that having someone else providing slashing resist down is a DPS increase, which was my original point. 

NIN parses do, indeed, suffer by having to put up their own dancing edge. Like, that's a truth. I didn't say "NIN parses suffer in a way that other jobs do not". Those are words I did not type.

I never once in my original post advocated having someone else provide slashing resist. I only did that on my own to illustrate my point.

The reason it's issue is because your logic is backwards. Ninja's rotation includes dancing edge. When you have someone else (including another Ninja) provide the slashing debuff, it's a dps gain. It's not the other way around. 

You are not entitled to have a slashing Final Fantasy XIV Gil debuff on the boss and it's a dps loss when you don't. You provide the debuff yourself and it's a dps gain when you don't have to. Just like if you're playing monk and it's a dps gain when you don't have to provide your own blunt debuff. It's not "monk parses suffer because I have to use dragon kick in place of bootshine". It's "monk parse is catered because someone else provided the dragon kick so he can just bootshine".

I am a lapsed FFXIV player (with a level 36 scholar), and dropped off the main story around level 32. I have resubbed for a month as I think it just wasn't clicking with me healing.

Now, with a kid and another on the way, my gaming time is limited to 1hr a day on average. I am eager to get to Heavensward as I hear the story is amazing.

My question is this; how many hours will it FFXIV Gil take me to get to this point? I have a maurauder at level 20 that I am tempted to tank with in order to combat the DPS queues.

With only an hour a day it's going to take you a few months at best to even get past the entire 2.0-2.5 storyline.

If you don't skip cutscenes and want to get the most out of the story, it's going to take even longer.

If you tough it out you might be able to do it, but I can't speak as a 20-something with no kids. Best of luck.

Speaking from my own experience, it took me roughly two months to get to Heavensward from the beginning. 

My time playing was limited to maybe an hour or two during the weekdays, nothing on Friday/Saturday, and on and off throughout Sundays. Maybe 8 - 10 hours a week. 

I will say though I did go off the beaten Final Fantasy XIV Gil path here and there, so if you stick to just the MSQ and don't spend two weeks leveling crafting it's feasible to complete it faster.

You might want to make some high-level friends willing to carry you through the story dungeons and trials with the undersized party option (and wait for you as you watch the cutscenes,) though even if you have to retry those a few times, they are probably less time consuming than all the fetch quests.

Final Fantasy has a rich and deep history.

Within the Final Fantasy universe there is heroism, intense battles, legendary weapons, and sometimes a bit of silliness. 

Thus far with Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, we have seen an increasing amount of the latter.

From ridiculous pumpkin, ghost, samurai, "posing ranger" gear to "gentleman-ly," "eureka!," and manderville dances and poses, among other things, there seems to be a complete overabundance of this "silly" nature of things being added to the game.


So if it is at all possible, can we get more things that bring a bit of class back to Eorzea?

Some examples are:


Knight Dubbing emote (this is a role playing game afterall)

Final Fantasy VIII type ball room dance

Final Fantasy IX Garnet fixing her hair

etc etc.


I know this game is modeled after World of Warcraft, but this is still Final Fantasy.

I'd like to see:

Gear that doesnt clip FFXIV Gil chocobos, itself. Basically no long dress style gear etc.

Gear that looks Holy, or Knightly, or "heroic."

Take some ideas from: 

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IX

... or, more easily, take additional ideas from Final Fantasy XI even.

We have enough silly gear, and clipping gear. 

Lets have some natural looking fitted gear, that looks elegant, and proper.


Simply put, this game is extremely easy, and things are done very quickly

The developers could easily create this entire thread into a single quest, that grants rewards the further you get into it. It Final Fantasy XIV Gil could be a long and endeavoring quest.

A quick example, to get the mind thinking of how this could be accomplished in such an easy access game:

A quest line that once you start the quest, you gain a debuff where you are unable to teleport or summon a chocobo, or sprint. Where you must go to certain areas in the game, and meet with certain NPC's that have engaging dialog, that tell a grand tale. 

As you complete each quest in the series, your debuff drops. This allows you to go back to other content if you so desire.

Each quest in the series would be short, maybe 30 minutes roughly to complete, but there could be 10 quests in the series, so you spend most of your time traveling, but arent locked into it preventing you from doing other content. This quest could lead you into the entrance of say Hall of the Bestiarii near camp drybone, where you must solo Hydra. Again, just as a simple example.

I repeat this is just an example, i'm sure the development team could come up with a much better way to introduce such an engaging quest line, as they are the ones who created this game. Not me. 

If you have better ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to add to this.

I encourage any posters to not post in contrast to this thread, as we are all different, and this game has many things to offer, i'm simply asking for the possibility of the developers to *consider* this request. 

If you have your own ideas that are in contrast to this, please make your own thread and post that there.

Nostalgia is strong for me; every time I go there and the music kicks in I remember when I first heard it as a brand new adventurer. The adventurer's guild there is my main afk spot.

Started in Ul'dah (thaumaturge). Joined Maelstrom since my friend was also with them. Made Limsa my main base of operations and haven't looked back. Hawker's Alley best aetheryte shard in the game.

For me it's Ul'dah, solely because my fondest memory from the game was an adventure I had in the beta, I met a bunch of fellow adventures and we all became friends. 

Eventually we all decided to travel from Gridania which was my home state to Ul'dah and after this super long journey finally arriving in Ul'dah was phenomenal. Such a beautiful place, so vivid and alive.

Limsa's home for me, but I started in Ul'Dah. Limsa being so ocean side and portside kind of reminds me of home irl, and it helps that I've made a lot of friends just standing around chatting there too. So I was really excited to get my personal house in the Mist when I did.

Ul'dah, despite my (the player) hating the desert and hot weather with the fury of 1,000 Halone combos.

My upcoming alt will be taking the Gridania path, but maybe call Limsa home because oceans and carbuncles. Or maybe return to her Ishgardian roots.

Gridania just feels like where I belong. I started the game as a lancer, mained dragoon for a while, then mained white mage, and now bard. I spent so much time leveling up my crafters while hanging out in Gridania, I really bonded with it. 

It's part of why I love the Halloween Final Fantasy XIV Gil music so much because that first event it played everywhere in the city round the clock, so I just associate it with that time. It's why I really wanted my personal house in the Lavender Beds and did it. 

Also, Adders for life, even if our glamour is usually meh and we're so all over the place in PVP - like seriously guys, how can we kick ass one match then run around like a bunch of morons the next time around?

While experience is obviously a boon, this isn't true. If it were, no one could ever get started on raiding.

In general, just focus on the MSQ and maybe learning lv50 rotations for your class. Lv60 rotations will be different (possibly VERY different), but knowing lv50 well will be a good foundation to git gud later. The most you can do right while leveling to improve your chances of finding a static is to make friends and socialize. Getting into raiding is a lot about knowing the right people.

I agree on the socialization totally! I need friends, lol. Re: no one wants inexperienced players, I've gotten that sense from some of the posts I've seen on this sub. If that's not accurate, awesome.

Thanks for the advice!

You need to finish level 60 main story before you can think about raiding. The next raid cycle is in 3.4 which should be sometime around September so just keep doing the story.

Does anyone know if you have to be level 60 in the job you want to get the palace of the dead weapon for? I know you can do it on any job etc, but when you go to pick the weapon, how does that actually work?

I don't think you have to be 60 in a class to get the weapon, but when you talk to the Padjal who has it, you have to be the class for which you want the weapon (ie, if you want WHM weapon, talk to the NPC as a WHM).

Bio2 first or Miasma? I was taught miasma bc of heavy but in my mind I always thought bio2 should go first bc of potency

Does it make a big difference really?

Tbh it's mainly because I like the Buy FFXIV Gil way the timing lines up. Bio 2 ticks for a longer duration, and when you're reapplying the dots as they fall off, it lines up pretty perfectly in reverse if you do bio 2 first. Someone more knowledgeable than me can tell you if there's a dps difference.

I can see the slow debuff making sense, but I don't think it makes too much of a difference either way.

I also often miasma first because of the debuffs. I think in targets you will likely be reapplying all 3 dots to several times miasma or bane first doesn't matter much, but in a target that's going to be burned down fast bio II's increased potency helps burn it faster so everyone can move onto the next one.

In a trash pull you're going to be bane-ing I think it hardly matters much.

Also miasma-ing first can slow down dmg on the tank a bit if you're running scholar so you have more cushion before you need to swap to heals.

My specific situation: I bought FF14 years ago from the SE website. Have an account there, bought gametime, etc. A few years ago, I bought the steam version just to have it there. Logged in on the same account.

Now I want to buy heavensward. Do I need to buy it on steam or SE/Mogstation? I ask this because if I buy it from anywhere else, I might not have it on the steam version specifically, as that's the one I'm using. But, when I go to my mogstation, I don't get anything saying "Pay gametime with steam funds" anywhere, which could possibly mean I'm just using a glorified 30 dollar launcher? The URL does indeed have the "=issteam" on it, so I'm confused as to my account interactions.

Did you login through your old SE account and not create a new service account with the code Steam gave you when buying? If so, get HW retail. Not being able to pay with Steam Wallet is also a pretty safe giveaway.

Right now you're indeed using a $30 launcher.

I believe so. When I bought it I already had a character so I didn't create a new account and just logged in. I believe I got game time for buying the steam version or something. I don't even use the steam features so it was a pretty dumb purchase of 2 years back me.

Is there anyway to link it now, or can you only create a new account, and not link a steam to a pre-existing account?

Guess I won't be using dota items to pay subscription.

The last thing of concern then is if I buy heavensward retail, I'm gonna have to stop using the steam launcher and use the regular SE one right?

Right, I forgot this is 2016 and all content is downloaded regardless of whether you own the expansion or not, you're just buying access. Thanks for the help all.

Well technicaly yes, even if you have only ARR you also have some Heavensward releated files downloaded, like armor and FFXIV Power leveling mounts, few new animations and stuff like this. To be able to see other playes. But you don't have access to new areas so you don't have their map files, monsters and quests downloaded. If you buy Heavensward you will still need to download some additional stuff.

Then if I buy the retail version, add it to my account, and then log in via steam, would it download the heavensward content via the patcher?

If so this is truly a 30 dollar patcher as the steam version of Heavensward wouldnt even be needed on the steam version.

Yes it'll download it, or rather it'll offer to download it for you. There's also an option in the settings (cog on the launcher) to auto download expansions.

As 1have2much3time wrote above, the launcher is exactly the same for Steam and non-Steam. You don't even need to run it from Steam (unlike most Steam games, it isn't Steam aware/doesn't care if Steam is running).

Edit: I realise this hasn't come up in this thread, but I feel it's worth mentioning, because the launcher isn't a Steam specific version, don't ever use Steam's "verify files" feature unless you have no other choice. Steam will compare the files on the disk (3.35) to the version it has when you initially downloaded the game (about 2.1) and will rollback the game to that point deleting all newer content/expansion and forcing you to redownload 2.1 from the Steam servers.

And then when you run it, the launcher will have to redownload all the patches/expansion again... :(

People complain of them being reused but at least they're in different ways or variations. Sohr Khal had mostly new mechanics as well.....also your review is extremely biased. You have to base on WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT not on all your hopes buy ffxiv gil, dreams & things that just won't happen. Like did you really expect an "open" dungeon after all of 2.4 - 3.x linear dungeons so far? It'd be illogical.

Mcach is a good fun Raid with intetesting mechanics. Visually impressive.

Sohr Khal is pretty good with fun bosses(bar moogle)

HB HM is a rehashed HB with one okay boss, adds, & a poisonous meatbag.

Nidhogg is incredibly fun(as long as you have a good party) with amazing music, & my absolute favorite Trial.

Aquapolis is RNG on top of RNG 8x with meh rewards until the last room, but is kinda fun & something different.

Relic is quite nice, much easier than 210 yet still grindy enough to pass time w/o slamming your face into a broken mirror

Moogle is Ixali with pricey rewards.

PVP Shatter is actually pretty fun, it's nice to focus rocks instead of being swarmed to death, but the PVP itself still feels horribly unbalanced and terrible.

Overall for 3.x I'd say it's much better than 3.1, worse than 3.2 & 3.0.

5 or 6/10

Anyway...why did I post this again?

I've done the new dungeons once each. There's no reason to get tomestones anymore (all gear will be replaced by Alexander 3 normal mode...) and they're not that fun (as you said, beautiful hallways) so there's no reason for me to do them. I like Aquapolis, but it has a lot of wasted potential. Weeping City is neat, but it's designed for 24 strangers to win on their first time seeing the dungeon in under 2 hours, so it's a hallway and not all that challenging. Most of the 24 man raids have been hallways, but this zone is so nice and wide open that I really, really wish it wasn't. 

Nidhogg is okay.

I had a lot of hope for Deep Dungeon until some recent comments indicating you could clear it with 4 DPS classes.

The lack of compelling item rewards (4 relevant stats in the game, 2 pieces of gear per item level tier, no choice) plus the lack of compelling design (mechanics might be interesting but everything surrounding the fights is completely the same) is quickly killing my motivation to log in.


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