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I hate these idiot attempts at price fixing where they put an item on a low price and then tell you it's sold when you ask them for it. Then you go down to the next in the list only to get the same answer. Repeat ten times. Sold. Yeah. Right. Fuck you liars!

Wont abide cheating of any form. Trading is cheating by proxy. You have no idea how the items that you trade for were acquired, so you have no idea if you're cheating or not. That's the moral equivalent in my book.

To those that say that the game is balanced around trade... you're just trying to justify your choice. The game is fine solo/self-found. You just have to work with the stuff you find in the game rather than stuff that's handed to you online.

Irl situation with money, you get money for your job, but also you cannot track its origination or where it was technically used before it found its way to your bank account. So without knowing where your money originates with the sell path of exile orbs, you could be a criminal by proxy, not by law, but by your first statement. Correct me if logic I'm using is bad, I'm just projecting it onto another thing to show how it is a bad bad assumption, imho. (Using money is not moral).

The game is supposed to be a closed system. Your example of real life money isn't the same as items in a game... otherwise a game like chess would start out with different sets of pieces for each player depending on their wealth. It doesn't... because the game wouldn't be played.

Trying to make these games model real life instead of treating them as games is exactly what causes people to become addicts. They substitute feelings of achievement in the game for feelings of achievement in real life. They start thinking of their Orbs as real wealth. The really get sucked in.

Not lie. I put something on poetrade, lag is like few minutes. Finally someone whisper and I sell my shit, then I get like 5-10 whispers about it and have to tell them it's sold. It's GGG's fault there's no better trade system and poetrade has huge lag with trade stash + people should remember about "verify" button.

Literally no excuse for taking this long to not rely on a third party trade system. Whoever is in charge of trade ""improvements"" should get their act together or not be working at GGG anymore. Player interaction abound today, whispered 3 mightflay sellers. All DND, funny, wonder why.. guess what trade system has no price fixing? 

If someone prices their items lower because someone has theirs listed for cheap, then that's on them. Nothing in the game forces you to sell your 6link shav for anything less than what you consider a fair price through the Path of Exile ORBS For Sale. If you sell it for 10c, then you were content to get 10c for it. If 10c isn't a fair price for you, list it for what you think is. If nobody buys it, maybe you're overvaluing your gear or maybe you aren't. At that point you can either drop the price or just not sell it.

Welcome to the way the world works. Fast food places can advertise their dollar menu burgers all day long but that doesn't force fancy restaurants to sell their burgers at that price.

Yes, yes it is inconsequential. Adding more dungeons inflating the flat amount of time needed in the first place does not change that in any way. Say it takes you ten seconds to solo a dungeon, and you do 100 of those dungeons. It would take you around 16 min to finish all of those. If you subtract say 3 seconds it would then be around 12 min. And that's assuming you can finish the dungeon in 10 seconds in the first place. At the point you start saving 1 hour of game time doing dungeons you have already spent hours and hours of time already. It's simple math man.

Also, i am not saying in a group of 8+ it does not effect you, but at the same time, if you are in a group of 8 people the chances are that the group is going to get even larger to the point that even if a couple of people are leeching it doesn't really matter since there are also 10 other people actually fighting.  

in generly, helping other players vastly improves the efficacy and efficiency of reaching a goal, whether it will be to level up, contests, or Trove Flux farming. Leeching does not improve the general outcome, however, there are many times where it has negative consequences, such as a lack of loot for players who actually did the dungeons and leechers who get the loot. Coming from experience as a veteran Trovian, this has happened to me various times and I understand that. Some people here are misunderstanding the concept of leeching being conveyed here.

Leeching is fine in challenges if there's already several people doing the boss. At that point I really see nothing wrong with being lazy. But if you go out and follow a stranger around without asking and leech off them you're being both very rude and a bum and you should be ashamed of it.  

I hate leechers... However if there are a bunch of them (during dragon challenges) I'll just start leeching too only because if there is a chance i wont get any of the loot. Then I'm not going to help seeing as how my rng is so bad I don't get loot most of the time. So why should I do the work for nothing? More often though I just split. I let them know that I'm splitting too. Just because for some reason my wanting loot over "helping the group... (helping the leechers)". Ive even seen leecherscomplaining that there are too many leechers. 

Basically "There are too many leechers waaaah how am I supposed to leech if we're all leechers waaaaaah!" Trion has done very little to stop the rampant leech problem Trove suffers from. Should at least make it so the boss room is the only place you can get loot/exp. That way the leechers at least have to get into the boss room of the dungeons. If they've gone that far into the dungeons maybe they will be more likely to Buy Trove Flux. I say maybe because they still probably wouldn't. I have seen shadow hunters sitting on top of those open dungeons where the boss is up top. And it wouldn't take any effort for them to just shoot arrows at the boss. Yet they just stand there waiting. It's a ****ing joke. (just like pvp).  

Leechers gonna leech. They exist everywhere. No surprise to see them in Trove. They are leechers for a reason, you can't expect them to do anything. Although I disapprove of them but I wouldn't let that affect my gaming experience because I treat them as the background. Only when the group gets bigger (with rally blades joining the leechers, and they leech as well), I tend to just go find a cornerstone, deconstruct loot and wait for the horde to go away before I travel to another dungeon.

Note the issue with paying attention to detail. It is of habit to just click "Yes" and not check the details of an item. I'll probably do it from this point onward, but I literally spent $20 on the class coin. Money that I can't get back. Money that took me a while to even get. My family isn't exactly made of cash.

I don't think it was even me mistyping though. I remember seeing 175000 when I put it up. I don't know if it was bugged or something, like a phantom number, but I /know/ it said 175000. I am almost completely positive with that.

Well to be fair there are two methods in place to prevent this. One is the message prompt and the other is the fact that the game gives you a bit before it actually becomes listed. Human memory isn't exactly the best either so you did probably miscount the numbers. I understand you spent real money and it must be frustrating but at the same time Trion is under no obligation to help you since they already put those methods in place. They might but don't count on it.

Agree with that, I think the safeguards in place are sufficient enough and we can through Trove Flux for sale it. Idiot proofing would just mean people rely in crutches to make their decisions while at the same time, people will continue to make mistakes under a new system because people. I myself have listed like 250 chaos chests (or something like that) for sale for too cheaply to the point I made 100k less.

There is already a timer before the item your selling actually gets listed. I believe that is 1 minute.You must double check your sales, it already shows you the price, you have more than enough time to cancel the sale. The only thing I wish they would do is add punctuation to the numbers so I can more easily tell the difference between 200000 and 20000 with their squished font.

As for the idea in the other post you linked...I don't agree at all. People can sell things for whatever price they want. It doesn't matter whether it's the "average" price or not. Some people are just crazy, trying to sell a pemblock for, let's say 200k flux ( just an extreme example)...while others want to get the Cheap Trove Flux quickly, and will sell something that is regularly a higher price, for much lower. This is how a game economy is made, even if it ends up being inflated. Trying to keep things even and at the same price, just will never work and is a pipe dream.

As for the original topic and to OP......unfortunately, it's your mistake. As you said, you need to pay attention more...I'm sure this kind of thing has happened to everyone at one point or another. This isn't a bug, or some broken game mechanic, it's the fault of the player, so better to check, double check and triple check before confirming anything next time.

Trove isn't a game where open world PvP will work or be welcomed by the community.

Every game wants never ending, interesting, constantly refreshing content. No game ever gets it, without heavy dev involvement. They are already spending all their time doing what we get. Is it enough? No. Is it repetitive and lacking in creativity? Of course. 

Not sure really what you mean by club cooperation gameplay? If they could allow clubs to create content that would be great - whether that's mini games, pvp arenas, dungeons within club worlds, scavenger hunts etc that can be supported by the developers with more commands and tools. That should require only an initial input from them and then let the players go wild. Obviously the issues there are balance and rewards to Buy Trove Flux. Well rewards can be a new currency, like arena coins, used to buy wings/mounts etc, and the creator of each piece of content can set the reward amount, say between 1-3. That way reward balance is fair and difficulty balance is up to the creator - too difficult and no one would play it etc.

My idea of never-ending is something that changes every time you do it. In my opinion, the best thing they could add to extend the game is to add some kind of special, procedurally-generated dungeon, where you enter, and it loads a completely new dungeon, and it lasts for quite a long time. Perhaps about 20 minutes to complete one dungeon? The way I would suggest to do this would be to have the community create rooms of different sizes and with different contents, and then make it so that when you load a new dungeon, it picks a some random rooms of different shapes and sizes, connects them all, and you fight your way to the end. Just an idea, of course.

Sound like a procedurally generated shadow tower. It would be nice if that said dungeon is infinite and the more you advance to buy trove items with the harder enemies get and rewards also increase in rarity and such. End game players need some sort of entertaining challenging farmable thing since shadow towers get boring fast.

That's the problem. I'm not saying that it's not okay to keep retexturing and re use stuff, such as e.g. just implementing more and more higher Uber adventure worlds into the game, or letting the community remake voxel models out of the same structure/animations such as dragons, but there has to be more effort put in to that when they release those and call it "new stuff".

Sure they're new but is it enough to keep players from continuing to play?

Not necessarily talking about open world PVP here, or involving the present club system now. IIt can be some other type of activity that allows players to compete against one another. Rewards can be simple: Just some XP, some flux, etc. (Not sure I want to go into to buy trove flux online of much detail here, so I'll leave it at that.) Balance and rewards aren't the really important things here, what's important is that players find something fun and interesting in Trove to do, something addictive, something to drive them on to keep playing Trove.

Something that I would consider is to make the terraformers a lot more stable. Still some people are getting used to them and accidentally destroying their biomes. They should make it so the terraformers only can be placed where it won't blow up your club.

IDK if they did yet but they said they were changing terraformers I think the new ones they showed off on stream were way better. If your refering to the new ones they shouldn't make it that way you need to be able to re-terraform biomes.

Terraformers are getting a total overhaul. The new system will allow you to see exactly what is being changed with an overhead view. I think it'll resolve many concerns players have with the current system, but we'll continue to keep listening for feedback and adjusting as necessary.

Agreed with the logs, that would be excellent! I think more interaction with clubs in general is exactly related to club worlds. I'd love to see members craft critters to fight in staged arenas throurh the Trove Flux for sale, built in CW's. Do so by slaying certain numbers of them in Adventure worlds and let us craft them for fighting in the club.

Brilliant! I'm looking forward to the terraformer overhaul. I'd like to be able to map out mountains in advance. Maybe that's only relevant for old club worlds... who knows!

Club administration is one of my biggest requests. An admin menu in the club UI for club leaders & officers with advanced controls over biomes, member permissions, club logs, etc. would be most excellent.

For assets, Market is not the only one requesting multi-directional draft blocks! They would add a whole new element of depth to the Original Trove PvP(c). I'd like lower seas with a lower building level, but I understand why not. Maybe include more "cliffs" rather than sharp declines in the terraforming algorithms so there can be true cliff faces.

I disagree with a hover/flight mode for building, as useful as it would be. Building now takes a bit of skill and patience. However, it might encourage more players to build because it would be easier. Same sentiment with any kind of shape builder. /nobomb and /nobull would be amazing.

Someone mentioned the idea of a block painter... that's a great idea but that's kind of powerful given that we have limited inventory space. That might defeat the purpose of making your build inventory bigger. I imagine it would have to be very expensive; shape builders might be in the same category to Buy Trove Flux. Maybe they can be some epic quest in adventure mode involving a lot of materials, paid content, etc. Have each item take up a space in your inventory; separate slots for the rectangle builder, triangle, and circle. I still think it's too overpowered.

Summer's idea for placeable cornerstone plots would be so cool. I'd love to see it. But with beta clubs having the 16x16 unbuildable area issue, it might further confound it.

OH! value-less buoys to shoot at. OR, at a new bench, be able to create the in-club buoys for the same values as they appear in adventure. When someone destroys it, they get the 5 flux or whatever.

Considering that a paying user can easily get the required materials by spending a certain amount of credits then how exactly is all this a problem?

By spending credits you can get:

Flux, buy something from the store and the Trove Flux for sale on market, Dragon coins, dragon caches, with a chance to get a golden egg right away

Radiant shards, with the flux you got from selling store items

Fragments of Wonder , either buy troves of wonder with the flux you gained or directly buy the fragments from the market

As you can see a paying player can easily get the needed materials either way, given they have enough to spend to get it.. the pack simply gives you all that plus some extra at a discount.

a good way to gain some extra money, and they do need to have some income anyway, its a win win situation.

My only problem with this pack is that i dint even feel like i worked to get this dragon... i got the pack yeah, but the problem is not how easy it is, it left me with the same feeling i get when i buy a mount just because its mastery.

I ride it for like 3minutes them switch'd back to Fortras, Za Hadeen, Scityla......

Even the choco took me more to unlock than this one, my problem is not with the game selling a dragon/egg whatever... its just that it add something that we have no actual work to do.

I Would recommend that for next dragon that comes in a pack it need some sort of farming like the choco dragon fragments, but still giving a awesome value on the pack.

Lets say if this dragon had some sort of fragments that you needed to get completing Radiant Temples on SkyRealm or get them from Radiant giants i would like it more than just buying it.

This is an old argument that has happened in almost every MMO most of us have played. There are always going to be those who are going to be angry that others can have what they have without having to work for it. Doesn't matter how you spin it, this is what it boils down to.

Thing to remember is, everyone will know that is how others got it, so it doesn't matter. The only way an argument against this pack is valid is if the pack dragon is identical, in every way, to the one others have worked very hard for in the past. There is then no way to tell who worked for it and who paid for it. Then we can say shame on the devs for making some of us work so hard for it, then turning around and selling the exact same item to others who have the extra cash lying around.

Regardless, this game, like all others, is about Buy Trove Flux. There are plenty of players who are willing to spend their money on items like this, and the devs of these games should be able to make money off of this. If you don't like the pack, don't buy it.

You knew that when you handed your $100 across that you were getting access to test the game. As for fun ... it is what you make of it. Having or not having premium for all of the testing period should have no bearing at all on that.

What is the point of this argument.

Yes, yes, we all know that the game is Albion Online Powerleveling still in testing. We were also lead to believe that the game was much closer to release than it actually is. I know for a fact I didn't want to drop $100 to beta test a game for a year and have to keep up premium (it is required if you don't want to be wasting your time clicking rocks) for the entire time on my own dime.

I paid $100 and thought the beta test would last 3 months and initially the price for premium with in game money was a non-issue. The extension of beta to 10 months broke all of that. The game will likely not come out until 2017 now IMO. I need to see some evidence of success before I invest any more time or money into it.

You do realise that you are completely wasting your time 'clicking rocks' entirely in beta, premium or not, as everything you accomplish will be deleted at least once, probably more.

And your basic admission here is that you entered beta with absolutely no clue how beta's run ... the game nearly ALWAYS changes and timescales for release are rarely met. Your first beta it seems. Ah well ... lesson learned I hope.

Even with double the amount of players, there will still be the same problem. Even with triple.People like to hang out in queens albion onlin gold market and kingsmarket cause thats where the MOST crafting and gathering goes on. So because of this players arent going to venture out very far away from here. So again the same issue will be as you go out of this area there will be less and less people, making the world feel very empty. Its like 1 zone out you have 20-50 people in each zone, 2 zones out you have 10-30 people.3 zones out you have 0-20. 4 zones out 0-10. 5 zones basically 0 people. cause people dont want to travel that far away.

even with double the players, or triple, you are only going to increase the amount of people to have players about 2-3 zones further than that...

It is possible that these new ideas are going to fix the problem (the mount movement speed buff) but honestly I think its not, I also think PvP'rs are gonna complain even more because now players will basically be uncatchable, unless they make it so that if a mount changes directions drastically (aka turns around) then it loses its movement speed buff.

Maybe you are right, we have to take everyones opinion in consideration. I dont know if I an right. You could be right by changing the map size. Instead of having it as small as last beta but not as big as this beta there could be an inbetween... We will just have to wait and see. Also we cant forget that they will be adding two new biomes and albion online gold shop.. That might even things out. Who really knows..?

So went full on nerd and did some calculations:


  -A T5 terror bird is 360 fame from skinning, so 180 average per swing. 

  -It takes 12 seconds to complete one swing with a T4 skinning knife

  -It is 540,000 fame to level up from T4 skinning knife to T5 skinning knife

  -So it is 3,000 swings to level up without LP

  -At 12 seconds per swing this is 10 hours. (3,000 * 12) / 3600


  -A T5 Terror bird took me 8 seconds to kill

  -It is worth 72 fame

  -It takes 106,313 fame to level up from T4 armour to T5 armour

  -So it is 1,477 (rounding up) kills to level up without LP

  -At 8 seconds per kill this is 3 hours 17mins (rounding up) (1477 * 8) / 3600

To then take this a step further... you have to kill the animals to skin them:

So 8 seconds to kill 1500 animals (3000 swings / 2) is 3 hours 20 minutes.

Add this to the 10 hours to skin the animals and you get 13 hours 20 minutes to progress from T4 to T5 skinning knife.

This assumes that the terror birds are politely queuing up waiting to be killed and are always full, so no travel time, running between mobs etc.

Doesn't seem balanced to me....

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