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Tanzanian Model, Agnes Masogange i'm not Pregnant with Davido 2nd child

May 30 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 2167 | Comments: 0

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The internet space today was thrown into a frenzied mood when reports emerged that Davido might have impregnated and is expecting a child with Tanzanian model, Agnes Masogange .


After been the subject of discussion for hours, it sure looks like Agnes, who started the rumour with a suggestive post earlier today , has caved in and denied the widespread rumour.

Fans of pop star, Davido may now heave a sigh of relief from baby drama, as fresh development has shown that he is not expecting another baby.

Agnes had posted two photos on her Instagram account which led to the speculation.

The first picture featured her showing off Davido’s popular HKN pendant with the caption ‘I miss him’.

An hour apart from the first post, another image popped up on her timeline; this time a pregnancy kit which indicated positive.

But fresh reports which has emerged shows that Agnes may have bamboozled us all.

She has since deleted the earlier photos, and replaced them with a photo of herself and her supposed expectant baby daddy putting a new twist to the whole story.

The new guy Agnes unveiled is Tanzanian actor, Rammy Galis.

In this new picture, Agnes Masongange and Rammy Galis all loved up.

Read more at http://expressng.com/2015/12/tanzanian-model-agnes-masogange-denies-being-pregnant-for-davido/#uUbh4Vc0gsdw967q.99
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