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Oskido reveals the inspiration behind the kwaito movement

May 30 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 891 | Comments: 0

From its cobbled-together beginnings in the 1990s‚ kwaito has risen up out of South Africa’s townships to become a global force.


One of the movement’s founding fathers‚ Oskido‚ who’s currently living it up in Ibiza‚ reflected on the inspiration that led to the beginning of the kwaito culture.

Taking to Instagram‚ the veteran music producer posted a clip of himself at a party in Ibiza with Nightcrawler’s Push The Feeling On playing in the background. Referring to the song‚ he revealed that it became the “source” that carried Kwaito music into existence.

“Many people don’t know the source‚ when making Kwaito I was inspired by this song‚’’ he wrote. “From here we created a Kwaito Movement.”

He further explained: ‘’It feels great to see the world is still appreciating this sound. Golden Rule — find your source‚ what inspires and ignite that magic inside of you. Dreams are possible black child.#ThisIsIbiza #ibelieve.”

While in Ibiza‚ Oskido also took the time to not only reflect on the journey of his career‚ but also offer encouraging words to his fans.

“From Razzmatazz days selling boerewors outside the club‚ now hustling worldwide. I always believed it was possible. I tell my kids all the time in life DREAMS can be a reality. Whatever your dream‚ GO FOR IT! Now hustling NEW frontiers — Ibza‚ Spain.#MusicIsMyLife #ibelieve.” Sowetan

- See more at: http://spyextra.com/2016/05/24/oskido-reveals-inspiration-behind-kwaito-movement/#sthash.LHts3FAb.dpuf
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