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AKA's mom Lynn forbes wants to meet Bonang matheba

May 29 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 2708 | Comments: 0

Lynn Forbes with Zinhle at a lunch date.
Image by: Via Lynn Forbes Instagram

As the war of words between AKA and Zinhle continues on social media, with the couple airing their dirty laundry publically, the rapper’s mother has stepped in to add her two cents.

    Lynn Forbes is currently on holiday in Zanzibar and was drawn into the argument between her son and his former bae, DJ Zinhle.

    AKA yesterday pointed out his confusion as to why Zinhle has shown pictures of himself and his mother at her home when there are no pictures of her own family.

    He also said that even though those pictures, which were shown during an insert on Top Billing, allude that Zinhle has a good relationship with him, at times he isn’t even allowed to pick up his child.

    “There are days I can't even get into the complex I used to live in to pick my daughter up.”

    Zinhle responded, basically saying that AKA shouldn’t be talking about their problems on social media.

    “Again, call my family.. If Twitter is ur family bring them with. Lastly, we have a child together, that's who WE are accountable to.”

    Drawn into the fray, glammy, who lives with DJ Zinhle and seems to have sided with her son’s former bae, put in her two cents.

    Lynn Forbes (Glammy) ‎@AccordingToGlam

    We all have been angry at some point and said some horrible things we should never have said. None of us are perfect ...

    Lynn Forbes (Glammy) ‎@AccordingToGlam

    I have never claimed to be perfect but I stand firm in what I believe to be the right thing to do

    Lynn Forbes (Glammy) ‎@AccordingToGlam

    I have asked to meet Bonang on many occasions and that offer still stands ... I am still waiting ..

    Lynn Forbes (Glammy) ‎@AccordingToGlam

    I have apologised for where I believe I have wronged. I am not perfect. For Kairo's sake, can we all get along and live in harmony?

    Lynn Forbes (Glammy) ‎@AccordingToGlam

    @bonang_m and @akaworldwide when you are ready .. I am waiting to meet Bonang as I have offered on numerous occasions

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