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Every week, EA proposes an issue to the players Buy Fifa 17 Coins, the opportunity to overcome a team formed by players that have excelled in European fixtures on that previous weekend. This challenge can be played against artificial intelligence, and also the higher the issue level chosen, a lot more coins you might receive in case you win. There is no need to become too greedy though, because it's quite difficult to get rid of the highest a higher level difficulty.

Apart in the changes to players' relative speeds - basically killing from the through-ball as being a cheap method of obtaining chances - the largest change has been to passing, the one which represents a dramatic shift to midfield play than we've seen in a very fair couple of years.

There at the moment are two kinds of passes: your old, garden-variety button-tap, which is made slower, as well as the Pass with Purpose, essentially a finesse pass (using R1) which fires the ball into to feet which has a shinpad-rattling ferocity.

The downside to finesse passes is few players are great at controlling them, and so it tends considerably harder to help keep possession, much less turn, in the event you receive one high up the pitch. With normal passes being weakened, pinball passing moves at the moment are nigh-on impossible, and it's really difficult even for top teams to maintain possession.

FIFA 16 would be the first football game I've ever played where I've so consistently felt the requirement fifa 17 coins to pass the ball to my defenders, from time to time feeling instructed to retreat on the edge of the opponent's box all the way back in my own half. When you ponder over it, that really means you will find there's never-before-seen a higher level realism at the job here. But I'm not sure it's one who I want.

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