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Landfall: A shining city under attack The whole world of Tribute

May 17 '16 | By Aleckday | Views: 328 | Comments: 0
Landfall: A shining city under attack The whole world of Tribute is different in to a graveyard, however its capital used like a bright beacon of commerce one inside the inner colonies. Fight within the corridors and courtyards of Casbah s port authority buildings, but don t stand still lots of time. Perfect for Infinity Slayer, this minute midsize asymmetrical map offers interiors with sparse cover, which encourages close-range combat, since the exteriors offer long lines of sight to stalk your opponents. Awesome jump routes let players spring round the outside within the map, incidentally offering an ideal view within the city because it is razed while using the Covenant s brutal assault.

Monolith: Adrift within the forgotten asteroid belt This monument and several appreciate it were built while using the Forerunners after their final victory within the ancient humans. This small map has central man-cannons, short corridors, hardly any cover, and open sightlines which result inside the location great for each combination of close and mid-range battle. Monolith harkens to more classic Halo arena-based maps, that's symmetry lends nicely to objective-based modes like Capture the Flag. Monolith is surely an open battlefield; wherever you gaze, you'll witness the ferocious action the small , open map can offer.

Skyline: Combat analysts agree The rooftop terrain regarding this new space tether construction site is definitely an ideal training environment for close-quarters infantry combat. This map, perched high inside the sights of reconstruction in Cascade s capital city, is small , symmetrical, well suited for Regicide having a combination of high and low spaces and lots of cover. Don t think cover means you re safe, however this map holds explosive fuel cells that may and could wreak havoc in Skyline s confined spaces, together with the long, long drop within the event you misstep.

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