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Improving Gender Statistics Production and Use in Africa

Jan 4 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 111 | Comments: 0

Gender statistics consist of the identification, collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of statistics that reflect problems, issues and questions related to the lives of men and women in society, and policy issues relating to gender. In addition to the disaggregation of data by sex the compilation, analysis and dissemination of gender statistics should: ensure that the statistics reflect problems, issues and questions related to men and women in society; allow for an adequate reflection of men's and women's status, and gender roles and relations in society; take into account stereotypes and social and cultural factors that might introduce gender bias into data; and reveal meaningful differences and similarities between women and men.

Although there has been a lot of effort in Africa in the last decade in improving statistics on various aspects of life of national populations, there is limited attention paid to developing gender statistics. As a result, gender statistics are not available system-wide. Efforts in improving this did not take into account the process of mainstreaming gender into the statistical development programme of the countries. The lack of experts and champions in the area of gender statistics has further accentuated the problem. Coordination among agencies producing gender statistics is another challenge that leads to ad-hoc and fragmented approach in the area of gender statistics.

The priority areas of work will be a) support countries in development of gender statistics plan and programme; b) develop gender statistics training toolkit; c) support countries in undertaking special surveys in emerging areas of gender concerns; and d) support evidence based research in area of gender statistics.

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