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SABC's 90% quota will mean more cash for local artists

May 13 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 335 | Comments: 0

The SABC says that their new 90 percent quota for local music will mean more money for local artists. 

A decision to introduce a 90 percent local music quota at the SABC will see more local artists profit, the broadcaster told TMG Entertainment.

    Talking to TMG Entertainment, SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said that there would be no major cost implications for the broadcaster, following a decision on Wednesday to dramatically increase its quota of local music across its 18 radio stations.

    "There is no difference in cost between playing local and international music on our radio stations.The cost is the same. The only thing that will change is that more money can now be paid to local artists because we will be playing more of their music," he said.

    Kaizer explains that the SABC currently submits its playlists to collection agencies, who distribute the money they receive from the SABC to its members. He says that the more popular a song is, the more it would be played- increasing the amount the SABC would pay for it. With more local content playlisted, the amount going to local artists will thus be increased.

    Kaizer says that the decision to introduce a new 90 percent local music quota was made with the local music industry in mind.

    "We want to make sure that more of the money goes to the local music industry. It's not that we don't like international music, we just love our own more," he said.

    When asked how the decision will affect the broadcaster's relationship with international players who have benefited from the SABC's previous quotas. Kaizer says that they will be forced to abide by the broadcaster's rule if they want their business.

    "We will cross that bridge when we get to it but if they want to come here they must follow and respect our policies," he said.

    The decision, announced by the SABC on Wednesday afternoon has been welcomed by the local music industry

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