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A Black Man from Africa in A Relationship with Bill Gates Daughter

May 10 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 3658 | Comments: 0
Ngabo Michael, a Rwandan film actor testifies to be in close relationship with Jennifer Katharine Gates, the daughter of one the world wealthiest men and tech mogul, Bill Gates.

Ngabo Michael who portrays Chris in Rwandan action drama “Catherine” revealed to Inyarwanda.com the private messages they chat via Instamessage: the Instagram messanger. Michael added on that all started when 19-years old Katharine began to like and comment on Michael’s Instagram posts.

“In fact, I’m Insta-holic. She[katharine] became one of my followers due to my posts I was sharing on my page. She liked my photos, she was commenting on videos of my film trailers that I was sharing. I asked her if we should chat… and she swimmingly accepted when she told me that she uses the Instamessage and we can…” Michael testified in Interview with Inyarwanda.com

Ngabo Michael avuga ko we n'uyu mukobwa w'umuherwe baganira kenshi akaba yaranemeye kumufasha

Ngabo Michael (L) testifies of his relationship with Bill Gates' daughter Katharine (R)

Michael added that even if many people rumor that they are more than close friends [that they are in love], they only talk about ‘business’ and that Katherine agreed to help him in his career as she likes his acting, even if they didn’t meet physically.

When asked if he is sure that the account is not an impostor, he said that he had that suspicion before, but he has done some investigations on the account by asking her [Katharine] friends, and confirmed that it’s Katharine’s account.

Below, is Michael's Instagram inbox with Katharine





source: inyarwanda


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