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How to Buy Cheap Path of Exile ORBS via Auction House

Oct 27 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 200 | Comments: 0

Considering the efficiency and account safety, buying Path of Exile ORBS via auction house is the safest way. But do you know how to buy blade and soul ORBS via auction house? You should be at least level 16 so that you can be available to access the auction house. If your character meets the requirement, follow the steps below to buy cheap Path of Exile ORBS for sale on poe4orbs!

1. Choose a certain amount of Path of Exile ORBS on poe4orbs, and then add them into your shopping cart. Don’t forget to apply the code “POE4ORBS” to get 8% discount code before you check out.

2. Click “proceed to check out” and fill in the required information, then choose a payment way based on your convenience to complete the order.

3. Contact our 24/7 Live Help to confirm the item information on Auction House (character name, item name, buyout price).

4. Put your items on the Auction House and set the price according to the communication above. Usually we recommend you to bid items like: x Orbs, 3x Silver (Make sure that the 3% fee of POE4ORBS Auction House will be covered by us, so you just need to pay for what you get.

If you need 5 Orbs, set the buyout price as 5 Orbs 15 Silver and you will receive the 5 Orbs. In a similar way, if you bought 10 Orbs on poe4orbs, the buyout price should be 10 Orbs 30 Silver.

5. Once you list the items on auction house, our 24/7 Live Help will go to buy your items and deliver the relevant amount of orbs to you. Make sure the bid time should be 24 hours, though most of our orders can be fulfilled within 20 minutes, and sometimes it will be quicker.

Have you got it? Now buy cheap Path of Exile ORBS on poe4orbs! In addition to the currently available 8% discount code “POE4ORBS”, poe4orbs will continue to offer more promotions to ensure that all customers can enjoy the lowest price. Activities can be holding in the form of free cash coupons, discount code, reward points, etc. Stay tuned and enjoy cheapest orbs for blade and soul!

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