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Restoration Airfield Kidal: The Minusma sets conditions for ex-rebels

May 6 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 752 | Comments: 0

Northern Mali: The arrest of suspected bombers set fire to Kidal

The Deputy General Secretary of the UN peace-keeping operations, Herve Ladsous, who completed Monday his 4-day visit to Mali, warned that "we will not repair the airfield that if one has the agreement of all the parts on hand to such an incident does not happen again. "

The Deputy General Secretary of the UN peace-keeping operations, who completed Monday his 4-day visit to Mali, does not appreciate the violent demonstrations against the Kidal camp Minusma.

"Obviously, there are incidents that are of concern, which are serious and I anticipate probably about the questions you wish to ask me about the serious incident that occurred in Kidal there 15 days, the attack on 'airport. First I would say that there are many shocking aspects there.First, there was loss of life; we investigate, we will light and we will be transparent vis-à-vis our Malian counterparts. We must establish whether or not there is the responsibilities of peacekeepers. But there is still a question to ask: how does all this have happened? How it was possible to highlight children as human shields?How can throw Molotov cocktails on the peacekeepers? And on the bottom, none of it was innocent; and we have seen, the airport was destroyed so we spent a lot of money, time and resources to put it into the state, "has he outraged.

Herve Ladsous added that airfield Kidal "is inoperative. And this greatly hampers field action of humanitarian and various international and non-governmental agencies; it prevents them from simply take the means necessary to Kidal. We'll have to do it by road with the complications that entails or helicopter, which quickly reached its limits; and of course for us, as we want and we understand the interest it will rebuild the airport and hand it in working condition, but not right away because it takes time and money. "

And the Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations warned that "we will only do it if we have an agreement of all parties on the spot for such an incident does not happen again.But again, we must see in this operation around Kidal a deliberate attempt to sabotage the process. All this, again, this is only one example among many. But we are, I believe, determined. The Security Council, as you know, visited Mali there are a half months; this is an important visit and a tour that shows how the international community following the Malian case with interest. "

Still an esoteric language that casts doubt on the commitment of the UN to actually help Mali ensure its hold over all of its territory.

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