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The clearest example of this is when it comes to the issue taking down assignments in class. I do not know how to put it without appearing as though I am blaming my fellow students very much but, unfortunately, there is no other way that I can put it. A good number of campus students behave well as relates to their college mates, but the truth of the matter is that most of them do not do that. The saddest part of it all is that it does not bother them an inch. Well, I am a student in campus myself working for one of the best essay writing service, but I can freely tell that the tutors do suffer very much on the account of students.

Additionally, I have had a chance to conduct a survey,and I have realized that apart from students who are actively involved in such part-time things most other students do not behave well. Some students do not always do their assignments on time while others do not like it when they are told to attend make-up classes. Such students are a source of mistreatment to their lecturers, and I feel that is not in order at all. I wish things were different in life, but that is beyond my control.

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