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The 10 biggest companies you’ve never heard of

Apr 30 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 215 | Comments: 0
3M makes Post-it notes

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Is it OK being under the radar? If you’re a multi-billion dollar company that no one’s heard of, then yes.

Here are 10 businesses that many people haven’t heard of, but which have climbed great heights in terms of their global growth and market capitalisation.

3M (pictured above)

Minnesota-based manufacturer of Post-it notes and Scotch Office tape, 3M (NYSE:MMM) is a multinational conglomerate boasting a market capitalisation of $102 billion. The company, a member of the Dow Industrials, really does have a finger in every pie, providing services that encompass aerospace and aircraft maintenance, healthcare, energy, office goods and packaging – just to name a few.

Honeywell's business model is broadly diversified.

Source: Shutterstock


Another American conglomerate, Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) was founded in 1902, and manufactures technologies around energy, chemicals and fertilisers, healthcare devices, as well as safety and security products. The company also engineers products for the aerospace industry.

Honeywell has a market capitalisation of over $87 billion. Honeywell’s attempt to takeover United Technologies (see more on them below) recently fell through after UTS rebutted the deal on valuations.

United Technologies has a market capitalisation of $88.4 billion.

Source: Shutterstock

United Technologies Corporation 

Initially an American aircraft manufacturer, United Technologies (NYSE:UTX) is now the 19th largest manufacturer in the US and is in the Forbes list of top 100 largest companies in the world.

UTS provides high-tech products and support services to the aerospace and building industries. Its market capitalisation currently stands at $88.4 billion.


Source: Bunzl


Bunzl plc (LON:BNZL), headquartered in London, provides distribution and outsourcing services worldwide. It is a major restaurant and catering supplier as well as the marker of a packaging and disposables. It also operates within the healthcare, retail and safety sectors. Its diverse products give it the ability to function well, regardless of wider economic conditions. Bunzl is extremely acquisitive: it’s bought 122 companies since 2004 and has a market capitalisation of £6.9 billion.


Source: Shutterstock

CaesarStone Sdot-Yam

CaesarStone might sound like an 80s rock band, but it’s really the short name for CaesarStone Sdot-Yam (NASDAQ:CSTE), a $1.4 billion market capped Israel-based international engineering company. It specialises in moulding quartz stone for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Fun fact: it was originally started up in a kibbutz.

Nikolaus von Bomhard, chief executive of Munich Re

Source: Guido Krzikowski/Bloomberg News

Munich Re

Based in Germany, Munich Re (MUV2:GR) is one of the world’s largest insurance companies. Its services encompass primary insurance, traditional reinsurance, analysis and consulting – and pretty much covers the entire value chain of the global insurance industry. This behemoth currently has a market capitalisation of €30.6 billion.

Enterprise Products Partners

Source: Shutterstock

Enterprise Products Partners

Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE:EPD) is a US midstream energy provider.

It services both producers and consumers of natural gas and crude oil, among other energy products. The company gathers, treats, processes, transports and stores the fuels to then deliver it to downstream clients. Its market capitalisation is currently at $55 billion.


Source: Shutterstock


California-based tech giant NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) offers software, systems and services to provide data management and storage solutions. NetApp is a big player in data retention and protection, and allows businesses to develop their IT environments. NetApp’s market capitalisation is $6.97 billion.

Synchrony Financial

Source: Shutterstock

Synchrony Financial

With a market capitalisation currently at $25 billion, Synchrony (NYSE:SYF) is a financial technology corporation headquartered in Connecticut. The company tailors credit card programmes and installment loans to businesses, consumers and health care providers – and offers marketing analytics, business strategy, staff training and consumer research trends.

Brazilian food firm JBS has a market capitalisation of $7.1 billion.

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JBS (JBSS3:BZ) is a Brazilian manufacturer of food products – which for the most part, are meat-based. It is the world’s largest exporter of animal protein, selling to over 150 countries. JBA also has businesses in leather tanning, soap production, bio-diesel and industrial waste management. The company currently has a market capitalisation of $7.1 billion.

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