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Forget the eyebrow - thighbrows are the new trend

Apr 1 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 128 | Comments: 0

Image TitleSbahle Mpisane. Picture credit: Instagram.




    Just when you thought the body-conscious world has reached its peak of insanity with thigh gaps, think again.

    Welcome to the world of thighbrows. Yes, you heard right, thighbrows.

    So what exactly is a thighbrow you might ask?

    Wait for it. The definition of a thighbrow is the roll or crease of skin that appears on the front top of your thigh when you bend forward, sit, or kneel.

    Because one day, some bored person sitting on a beach all by their lonesome thought: "Hmmm... what could I possibly name this odd crease at the top of my thigh. Oh, I know! Thighbrow, let me just tweet that and make it trend." Taa daa!

    Moving along to more serious matters... the thighbrow is being Instagram'd left right and centre.

    The return of the onesie swimming costume is being thanked for highlighting this new piece of undiscovered body.

    It is obviaass that the Kardashian clan has selfied the hell out of their thighbrows, and now we follow suit.

    I started a digging expedition to find Mzansi's finest thighbrows and came up with enemies, Pearl Thusi and Bonang Matheba.

    Their thighbrows are beautifully curved and accentuate just the right amount of muscle. The stunning Omuhle Gela also has a rather sexy pair of thighbrows and her eyebrows are not too bad either. She wins thighbrow queen of SA hands down. Congrats Omuhle.

    I would assume that Khanyi Mbau would be right up there with the sexiest thighbrows but sadly I couldn't find one. I did however find an undisclosed number of nudies of her online, so much of thigh, not a lot of thighbrow.

    Our #WCW every week, all week, has to be Riri, she has a killer body, therefore it would be expected that she has a beautiful set of thighbrows. And she lives up to expectation, long live Rihanna!

    So, if you are into trends, as soon as you get home tonight, kneel next to your mirror and take a picture of the crease near you pelvic area, send the picture to your e-mail address captioned "Thighbrow" and keep the e-mail safe.

    Ten years from now when you feel like a good laugh have a look at how humans are devolving instead of evolving.

    But then again, there might be a new trend then and if we are moving backwards at the shocking rate that we are, the thighbrow might make sense.

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