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Julius Malema claims Mabala Noise Entertainment paid Nasty c, Riky Rick….nothing less than R5 million each

Aug 5 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 1301 | Comments: 1

Mabala Noise Entertainment signing a host of Mzansi’s top artists raised a lot of eyebrows last month.

It was a long list of sought-after artists and probably did not come cheap. While the artists have not disclosed how much they’d received as part of their respective deals, EFF leader Julius Malema claims they had been paid no less than R5 million each.


Malema, who was speaking at a small press briefing at the IEC results centre in Pretoria, said Mabala Noise, co-owned by DJ Bongs and ANC Youth League treasurer Reggie Nkabinde, had given this money to the artists who gave their support to the ANC in return.

“Not a single artists registered under Mabala Noise received less than R5million… The treasurer of Mabala Noise goes under the pretext of registering artists of this company then they take that company’s artists into the ANC’s events,” he said.

He went on to claim that Mabala Noise had paid Chris Brown R10 million for his Durban July performance, an amount that was apparently never made back. He even dared the company to sue him if he was lying.

And where did Mabala Noise get all this money? From water and sanitation tenders, if Malema’s word is anything to go by.

And how much can R5 million actually buy you? A lot of Mercs and high-end threads it seems, if Riky Rick’s Instagram is anything to go by.



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