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Queentwerk AKA Faith Nketsi breaks internet she bought herself Jeep at 21

Mar 29 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 3753 | Comments: 0

Queentwerk breaks the internet AGAIN (1)

Faith Nketsi who many people know as Queentwerk broke the internet yet again today as many of her followers had a lot to talk about as she just bought herself a brand new Jeep for her 21st birthday. Faith uploaded a pic of a fresh Jeep Wrangler on her instagram account with the caption “My 21st birthday present to myself”. Queentwerk rose to fame a couple of years ago when she was a lead dancer in an all female dance crew called the Pro Twerkers which South Africa loved for their incredible twerking skills, the squad has since broken up. Faith has since become a solo internet sensation as she has well over 169K followers on Instagram.

Queentwerk breaks the internet AGAIN (2)

Queentwerk’s new ride

Queentwerk breaks the internet AGAIN (3)

Queentwerk is dating a well known young businessman Makhosini Sihlali

Queentwerk breaks the internet AGAIN (4)

Makhosini and Queentwerk have a relationship that many young people envy.

@Zuryism tweeted: Queen Twerk bought herself a whole Jeep at 21, I’m 21 and I can’t even buy myself food.

@Fano_Kgops tweeted: You know who don’t suffer from bazothini abantu syndrome? Pulane and Queen Twerk… The rest of yal can take a seat next to uMam’ Fundisi

@GodMother_M tweeted: I used to believe in education until bo Queen Twerk came along

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