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Gupta out, Rupert in on ANC Sale!

Mar 28 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 279 | Comments: 0

just as we were building a nice momentum against "white monopoly capital" and putting nice pressure and exposure of the ANC and how it has failed black people in service of white capital and white supremacy. just as we were calling for decolonisation as essentially a land question which means ALL STOLEN LAND MUST BE RETURNED. At this very moment, the white global system located in London sensed danger and moved to develop a strategy to divert attention away from the black rage which would have swept away both the anc (as the body guard) and its masters (white capital). they thought about a plan and landed on the Guptas who were begginning to irritate them anyway with encroaching into their territory(SA wealth). white capital strategists remembered that in SA they have already ensured xenophobia and apartheid has already created a troubled hierarchy which puts the "Indian" second after the whites, well not like immediate second but at least they could sell in markets where they could rob the native a little bit and the native hated the indian more than they hated the whites who put the indian ahead of the native in the hierachy. so there was a real anti indian sentiment that could be mobilised with a little bit of help from a political party that was willing in exchange of pounts to go to the gutter and call for "Guptas Must Go!". once such a move is on, the whole SA private owned media shall provide cover and justification that would magnify the sins of the Guptas whilst minimizing to non existence the evils of white capital. in this situation, with angry masses sufficiently winded against the Guptas and Zuma, a regime change would be engineered with a pliable servants like Ramaphosa, who would take over to re-establish the ANC as a party of Western Imperialism. Zuma's flirtations with the East(Russia, India and China) is contaminating the hold of empire on the ANC. so he has to go, but the anc must stay and continue to do its work of protecting white capital. so what has happened here is a hijack. Rupert and co have hijacked our legitimate fight against the anc and turned it into a fight for the reconstitution of white power under the narrative of "state capture". speaking correctly, we should say the SA resistance is captured! when you shout down with the guptas, you are at the same time saying up with the Ruperts. this is now as clear as day light after Johan Rupert himself came out and called for Zuma to go! this means we have to pause and re think because our original idea has been hijacked. what we must refuse to to do is to pursue an imperialist agenda under the guise of fighting corruption.... lets think its a good thing to do.... happy easter sunday!
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