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SA Media Sluggish In Investigation, Keeps ‘Reachable Secrets As Secrets’- EFF

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In a piece titled :”ON STATE CAPTURE: Ideological Reflections!” EFF‘s deputy president Floyd Shivambu has accused South Africa’s media of being the brain behind the curve on the nation’s capture by some economically and politically influential people in the country.

In the piece released on their official web page on Wednesday March 23,Shivambu said many aspects and parts of the nation has been influenced by the Gupta influence “but South African media’s lack of sophistication and utterly sluggish investigative capacity keep what are reachable secrets as secrets.”

He said South African Media in the recent past, had made several reflections on EFF’s factual exposure of the supposed state capture by the Gupta family since the reshuffling of the Minister of Finance in December 2015 but that the media is still yet to be legally equipped to dig out more files that will prove all that they have revealed.

Shivambu who pointed out several area the party is sure of the family’s influence ranging from the “factual revelations on what exactly happened with the removal of Nhlanhla Nene as Minister of Finance”, “the replacement of Ngoako Ramatlodi with Mosebenzi Zwane as Minister of Mineral Resources” and so many others.

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To this he said he is disappointed at the media’s sluggish investigative capacity keep what are reachable secrets as secrets.

“There is adequate legislative framework that can guarantee ordinary South Africans and the media access to crucial information, yet no one genuinely pursues such because most parts of the media represent fractions of capital” he said.

He further promised that at the right time, the party will continue to reveal all corrupt practices that the affluent family has secretly been doing in the country.

This‚ he argued‚ “must be revealed because there has never been one single business empire in South Africa that monopolizes state contracts in the manner the Gupta family has done”.Later in the essay‚ Shivambi returned to the “legislation that guarantees media access to information”‚ saying “credible sections of the media should have identified and quantified the numbers of contracts Guptas companies and subsidiaries have with the state”.

However the EFF’s deputy president said that the reason why the country is yet to deal with the question of state capture was because the ruling ANC has no ideological and analytical framework that could help tackle it.

“The extent of Gupta’s State capture is far much deeper and wider than has been reported in the less inspiring newspapers of South Africa.

“The Guptas control many government departments, provinces, and state owned companies in a manner that far exceeds any of the capitalist control in South Africa”

He finally stated that Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will continue to fight against all capitalists and capitalist behavior because to him, capitalism is exploitative, murderous, greedy and in the South African (or even global) context, racist in nature.

source: buzzsouthafrica

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