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We found that there are unique injuries underlying each unique

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Many recent studies are utilizing diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), an imaging method, to examine the brains of patients who experienced a TBI or mTBI/concussion. DTI takes advantage of diffusion anisotropy to provide details of the brain that enable examination of tissue microstructure and mapping of the orientation of the white-matter tracts. However, DTI is limited in its ability to demonstrate spatial and directional anisotropy, and therefore more advanced methods such as color coding and tractography (fiber tracking) are also being used to investigate directional http://www.futglory.com/

At the  fut packs in Phoenix, AZ, neuroradiologist Lea Alhilai,, used DTI to look at the white matter of the brain in people who suffered a concussion to better understand why symptoms vary widely across patients. She found that people who primarily experienced dizziness after a concussion had abnormalities in the white matter in the balance center of the brain and in the region that enables 3D vision. For concussed people with memory problems and sleep-wake disturbances, they had abnormalities in the part of the brain that controls sleep onset and sleep-associated memory consolidation. 3

We found that there FIFA 17 coins are unique injuries underlying each unique post-concussive syndrome, and that we shouldn’t just think of concussion as a single diagnosis but rather an umbrella diagnosis that encompasses many different types of injuries, ” she said in a statement.Alhilali is using a mathematical equation, Shannon entropy, to measure the complexity of the white matter imaged with DTI. With this technique, she has found that people who had a concussion also had significantly less complex white matter than people who did not have a concussion. The less complex the white matter was in a person, the more symptomatic they were.
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