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How to Dress for Graduation without Making a Fool of yourself

Dec 21 '15 | By Aleasa Atwood | Views: 2946 | Comments: 0

The jitters of dressing up for graduation day are quite similar to those that you experience while decking out for the first day of college. After all those years of onerous studies, ludicrous partying, playing dynamic sports, checking out http://www.topbritishessays.com/uk-superiorpapers-com-review for essays, and burning the midnight oil a week before the exams, the graduation day has finally dawned. The last impression should be as good as the first impression you made at the university. Here are a few simple tips to do so.


Don’t go for anything that is too flashy. Wear something that you have hardly ever taken out of your closet, but which is classy and elegant to look at. Shopping specially for the last day would not be a bad idea. Students get the notion that the dress would be covered up by the standard black cloak, so it would be alright to wear nothing underneath. Wrong! You will be taking a lot of pictures after receiving your degree, so you need to wear something chic underneath to go with the black cloak.


Under casual clothing, your shoes would hardly be given a second look. However, when there is nothing but the black cloak around you, your shoes will be the centre of attention. In order to hog the limelight, you will need to wear a graceful pair without making it look too gaudy.

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