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United We stand and Divided We Fall….. ANC unites AKA and Cassper Nyovest

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They may have disagreed on most things, but this time, it seems the two agree on one thing: the ANC is the party to vote for.

In its election manifesto, the ANC never told South Africans it would unite the biggest rivals in the music industry, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and Refiloe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo.

The two have seemingly always been at loggerheads, with AKA once admitting to slapping Cassper in the face for reasons still unknown.

AKA tried to explain the beef on Sway in the Morning, saying it has gotten to a point where the two do not know what they were fighting about and that there was just not enough space for the two of them.

In his diss track, Composure, AKA raps that they are two sides of the same coin.

However, it seems the elections have come with a big wave of change for the two, though it’s only AKA who is being vocal about it. We are not sure which party Cassper had been supporting but according to AKA’s tweets, it seems “he has come to his senses” and is not campaigning for the ruling party, further calling him “Cadre Pony”.

The EFF leadership attended the Fill Up the Dome concert last year, resulting in AKA thinking Cassper was supporting the EFF. He says EFF leader Julius Malema and Cassper once came together to his show at Kong “to ball on us … My word, how tables turn!”.

They may have disagreed on most things, but this time, the two agree on one thing: the ANC is the party to vote, though we are not sure that his use of a horse referring to Cassper is something they agreed on. AKA doesn’t care anyway, as he says the next time he sees Cassper he will give him a hug. “Y’all can’t stop me!”

However, Cassper doesn’t seem to be the only one who has made a U-turn, Riky Rick and Major League are apparently campaigning for the ruling party now. “We welcome you back with open arms. The ANC is in our hearts and our minds. We all stray from time to time …. The ANC is in our hearts. We cannot ignore it,” he tweeted.

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