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The researchers specifically wanted to characterize the relationship

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The study published in the also identified imaging features of the brain indicative of repairing or compensating for concussion injuries. Further research into these findings might identify different treatment strategies than those currently being used. Principal investigator professor of radiology, associate director of the  and medical director for noted that most therapies for traumatic brain injury focus on reducing damage from brain injury or preventing an injury from progressing but that none has proven effective http://www.futglory.com/

He said that the findings FIFA 17 coins of this study suggest that it might be worthwhile to try a strategy that attempts to enhance the brain’s innate abilities to compensate functionally and structurally for whatever damage has been done. The prospective longitudinal study sought to identify early DTI biomarkers of mild traumatic brain injury that significantly relate to patient outcomes one year later. Prior research showed the ability of DTI to detect clinically significant traumatic axonal injury pathology, but had not identified a validated prognostic biomarker.

The researchers pack opening specifically wanted to characterize the relationship between acute diffusion abnormalities in patients with uncomplicated mTBI and their functional outcomes that included cognition, post-concussion syndrome, and health-related quality of life. They used an individualized approach to identify abnormality in each patient, and considered both regional and brain-wide measures and their relationship to outcome. The patient cohort included 39 patients diagnosed with mTBI who had DTI performed within 16 days of injury and a control group of 40 healthy volunteers. Images of the volunteer group facilitated comparison to identify abnormal fractional anisotropy. The injured patients underwent a battery of assessment questionnaires and tests at the time of imaging, and 26 were subsequently assessed 12 months later.
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