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ANC leads nationally, DA ahead in big metros

Aug 4 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 248 | Comments: 0
An IEC operations workstation at the national results operations centre in Pretoria.© eNCA / Bianca Ackroyd An IEC operations workstation at the national results operations centre in Pretoria.

Editor's note: Traditionally, results for highly-populated areas are the last to come in, so these numbers could still change significantly.

JOHANNESBURG - With more than 40 percent of votes counted, the ANC is ahead nationally.

It's won 14 municipal councils with the Democratic Alliance securing five.

But the DA is ahead in the key battleground cities.

In Johannesburg -- with 19 percent of votes counted -- the DA leads by almost 46 percent.

The ANC is in hot pursuit with almost 39 percent while the EFF has around 9.5 percent.

It's a similar story in Tshwane.

With around a third of votes counted in the capital, the DA leads with 49 percent with the ANC trailing with 39 percent.

In the fiercely contested Nelson Mandela Bay, almost 40 percent of votes have been tallied.

The DA leads with 57 percent followed by the ANC with 33 percent, while the EFF has won almost 4 percent.

And in Cape Town, the DA is well ahead with 71 percent with just over 40 percent of votes counted in the Mother City.

There are no results yet for eThekwini.

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