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Building a Cohesive Society in South Africa

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BACS Political Party aims to draw together citizens from across society and organisations across the racial, ethnic, class, religious and gender lines to understand, explore and utilise the practical possibilities of building a truly united and non-racial society, together exploring the Change on offer to deliver a better quality of life for the collective citizenry in our Democratic society. We seek to do so under the protection of the South African Constitution.  BACS Party has identified that re-inventing the wheel will only slow down progress already gained through our Democratic dispensation.

BACS is committed to build on our foundational democracy of over 20 years, it has been our objective since early BACS-foundation inception in 2010, that we seek to address the fault lines of addressing Racism, Unemployment, Youth Development, and greater gender equality by increasing Women, participation in our economy,  while working with organisation who share our common vision. Strengthening hope and  implementation of delivery mechanism ensuring a better future for all South Africans. BACS will strengthen the voice of the Youth and encourage their active participation  to enable the growth of this economy at both a Local and National level.

We believe working as a collective to improve governance maturity, increase job creation and community upliftment is a legitimate way of exchanging “Violent Politics of Anger” o The fault lines of unemployment and increased racial confrontation along with the division and tension  in society due to lack of sustainable opportunities for young and old alike present our party with a unique opportunity to ensure a new future for all.  We are seeing more and more that government lacks the ability to delivery to our People. We seek to build a Political Movement which is responsive to the citizenry of South Africa.

Shared Vision:One People One Nation    images

BACSParty is of the firm belief the key to doing this effectively is through Building Social Cohesion and reducing unemployment through a shared vision that South Africa does indeed belong to ALL its People irrespective of class or race; that the democratic potential South Africa offers lies, first and foremost in its people and that this potential can be realised for the Good of ALL. There is no end to the possibilities we can achieve as astrong cohesive compassionate Nation, with justice, equality, non-racialism and inclusivity as the cornerstones.

“BACS Winning together by Building a Strong and Cohesive Society”

source: bacsparty.org

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