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Set up a large rectangle with cones and have the players dribble

Sep 17 '16 | By menglanfen | Views: 108 | Comments: 0
One variation is to have Fifa Coins a small ‘square’ at the end. The children have to stop the ball in the square, then sprint back and high-five the next player before he/she can start. Another variation is to have several parents positioned at different places along the ‘course’ and have a different one hold up a number of fingers at random times during the race – and award points to the player that sees it and correctly yells out the number first. This encourages the children to play with their heads up.

Set up a large FIFA 17 coins packs rectangle with cones and have the players dribble in the rectangle. After a short time take the ball away from one or two players who then become. Any player whose ball is touched by an “it” player becomes frozen and has to stop dribbling, spread her legs apart, and hold her ball above her head. He is frozen in this position until another player dribbles her ball between the frozen player’s legs. Switch the “it” players often and make it a contest to see who can freeze the most at one time. All the players stand at a cone about 20 feet from a group of balls. There is one less ball than the number of players. On the coach’s command, the players run to the balls, get one and begin dribbling.

The player who didn’t get a ball tries to steal one from the others. The coach keeps time and after a preset period has passed, the coach stops the game. The player who doesn’t have a ball has to perform a minor penalty (such as running round the grid) before re-joining the game. The other players avoid being tagged by dribbling away from “it. ” If the player being chased loses her ball outside the grid, dribbles out of the grid, or is tagged he is and the game continues http://www.futglory.com/
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