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While experience is obviously FFXIV a boon

Jul 27 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 616 | Comments: 0

While experience is obviously a boon, this isn't true. If it were, no one could ever get started on raiding.

In general, just focus on the MSQ and maybe learning lv50 rotations for your class. Lv60 rotations will be different (possibly VERY different), but knowing lv50 well will be a good foundation to git gud later. The most you can do right while leveling to improve your chances of finding a static is to make friends and socialize. Getting into raiding is a lot about knowing the right people.

I agree on the socialization totally! I need friends, lol. Re: no one wants inexperienced players, I've gotten that sense from some of the posts I've seen on this sub. If that's not accurate, awesome.

Thanks for the advice!

You need to finish level 60 main story before you can think about raiding. The next raid cycle is in 3.4 which should be sometime around September so just keep doing the story.

Does anyone know if you have to be level 60 in the job you want to get the palace of the dead weapon for? I know you can do it on any job etc, but when you go to pick the weapon, how does that actually work?

I don't think you have to be 60 in a class to get the weapon, but when you talk to the Padjal who has it, you have to be the class for which you want the weapon (ie, if you want WHM weapon, talk to the NPC as a WHM).

Bio2 first or Miasma? I was taught miasma bc of heavy but in my mind I always thought bio2 should go first bc of potency

Does it make a big difference really?

Tbh it's mainly because I like the Buy FFXIV Gil way the timing lines up. Bio 2 ticks for a longer duration, and when you're reapplying the dots as they fall off, it lines up pretty perfectly in reverse if you do bio 2 first. Someone more knowledgeable than me can tell you if there's a dps difference.

I can see the slow debuff making sense, but I don't think it makes too much of a difference either way.

I also often miasma first because of the debuffs. I think in targets you will likely be reapplying all 3 dots to several times miasma or bane first doesn't matter much, but in a target that's going to be burned down fast bio II's increased potency helps burn it faster so everyone can move onto the next one.

In a trash pull you're going to be bane-ing I think it hardly matters much.

Also miasma-ing first can slow down dmg on the tank a bit if you're running scholar so you have more cushion before you need to swap to heals.

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