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csgosk guide:Consequently threatened cheap cs go skins Gaming with legal consequences

Jul 27 '16 | By 4csgoskins | Views: 131 | Comments: 0
A few weeks ago attended the csgosk teams Luminosity and SK Gaming for CS GO Skins an outcry in the eSports scene. Both teams got into a dispute over the team of Luminosity. Now was an agreement to be found and the boys play in July at the German organization SK Gaming.

Earlier this year, joined SK Gaming ran to the players of the team Luminosity, trying to win them for himself. This had several reasons waves in the Counter-Strike scene. Firstly, SK Gaming turned not to the organization, but directly to the player, which is generally regarded as not particularly trustworthy. In addition, the Luminosity player claimed that the German organization had harassed them. Therefore, the team ultimately signed a contract with SK Gaming, but wanted this not so pretty, it was the player in his own words.

Consequently threatened cheap cs go skins Gaming with legal consequences. Yesterday, however, both organizations announced an agreement. From July 1, the Brazilian boys are playing under the flag of SK Gaming. The team will remain in Los Angeles, California and visit the SK team house in Cologne regularly. "For me and Luminosity was an emotional roller coaster ride," wrote Luminosity founder Steve Maida in the official statement. "I'm glad that we were able to sit down together and find a solution. We have indeed laid a bad start,buy csgo skins with credit card but SK and Alex have the end everything done right".
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