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Coach Atkinson attracted Jeremy Lin signed with the nets

Jul 27 '16 | By Mike Tan | Views: 340 | Comments: 0

林书豪:如果不是阿特金森教练 我都没考虑篮网

This summer, Jeremy Lin and Brooklyn signed the a $3600 3 years contract and committed team next season to let the myteam coins book Hao served as the starting point guard.

The first has been the role played by the book Ho, is also an important factor in his transfer. But book ho recently revealed, he finally decided to join the nets the main reason is Atkinson Coach: if it is not because Atkinson coach here, I wouldn't even consider the nets. "

Atkins in April of this year, has just been appointed as coach of the nets, he in an interview said he served as assistant during, was the biggest impact is not from other coaches, but to observe the best player on the court decision, repeatedly watch video from insights gained. Then he mentioned Jeremy Lin.

Speaking of the relationship between book Ho and Atkinson coach, nba 2k17 mt many people will think of when the "linsanity" story. When Atkinson is budding book behind the strong backing of Ho, Shu Hao once said: "is he created linsanity".

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