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Gaye is very disappointed with the team, can not see his future

Jul 27 '16 | By Mike Tan | Views: 242 | Comments: 0

Kings striker Gaye Rudi has expressed his disappointment with the team on Tuesday and said he could not see the team and his future.

The following is an interview with him:

Do you have any communication with the team about your future?

Answer: No, not yet. We have had communication, nba mt coins but it's not what I want for the future.

What kind of information do you want to get from the team if you are in an ideal state?

A: you don't want to get a message on the Internet or in social media. You will love the team if things people tell you. Only need to admit that people can, that is all you have to do.

At the end of last season, you publicly stated that the team had no way forward. If you still think so, what is the direction of the team right now?

Answer: I do not know. I put on the pitch and give it all. In this situation, I can only do this.

Obviously, we didn't really build anything. I think the only thing we have is that we have a new coach. And just wait and see.

These years, the team has been on the decline since Malone Mike was laid off. I know you're confused about that one. Would you say that it is cheap nba mt coins the beginning of the confusion that you are beginning to feel about the team?

A: Yes, I think that's the beginning. As a player, all I have to do is give everything on the pitch. But I think there are moments when you have to think about the ideas and the future of the players before making a decision, but that doesn't happen.

Is this the most disappointing moment in your career?

Answer: a disappointing season after a disappointing offseason. Like I said, I can only do my job as a player. About my injuries, I will take time to recover and try my best to make myself better in the next season.

There has been a recent rumor that you asked for a deal, but then there were reports of denial. So do you really have to buy nba mt coins ask for a deal?

A: No, I think people are going to be wrong. They saw what happened last season, and I thought I would ask for a deal. But I still think that I have not contributed to all, because of the structure of the team, I can not contribute anything.

Back on the season, you are not thought the off-season operation can work, but because the final failure surprised?

A: Yes, I thought I could change something. The key is to have enough players to end the fight last season. But after what happened, I really don't know what to do. You can't simply blame the coach.

At this stage of your career, what do you want to pursue as a player?

Answer: stable. I think I can play a lot of years, if the team can be stable, like Crawford - Paul or Pearce - Jamal, you will be able to nba coins for sale know the value of their geometry.

Do you think this team has stability?

A: when I first joined, I felt a sense of stability. That's why I joined. I think the team has a way to go.

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