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Confused about the Steam/SE interaction, can I get some help?

Jul 25 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 245 | Comments: 0

My specific situation: I bought FF14 years ago from the SE website. Have an account there, bought gametime, etc. A few years ago, I bought the steam version just to have it there. Logged in on the same account.

Now I want to buy heavensward. Do I need to buy it on steam or SE/Mogstation? I ask this because if I buy it from anywhere else, I might not have it on the steam version specifically, as that's the one I'm using. But, when I go to my mogstation, I don't get anything saying "Pay gametime with steam funds" anywhere, which could possibly mean I'm just using a glorified 30 dollar launcher? The URL does indeed have the "=issteam" on it, so I'm confused as to my account interactions.

Did you login through your old SE account and not create a new service account with the code Steam gave you when buying? If so, get HW retail. Not being able to pay with Steam Wallet is also a pretty safe giveaway.

Right now you're indeed using a $30 launcher.

I believe so. When I bought it I already had a character so I didn't create a new account and just logged in. I believe I got game time for buying the steam version or something. I don't even use the steam features so it was a pretty dumb purchase of 2 years back me.

Is there anyway to link it now, or can you only create a new account, and not link a steam to a pre-existing account?

Guess I won't be using dota items to pay subscription.

The last thing of concern then is if I buy heavensward retail, I'm gonna have to stop using the steam launcher and use the regular SE one right?

Right, I forgot this is 2016 and all content is downloaded regardless of whether you own the expansion or not, you're just buying access. Thanks for the help all.

Well technicaly yes, even if you have only ARR you also have some Heavensward releated files downloaded, like armor and FFXIV Power leveling mounts, few new animations and stuff like this. To be able to see other playes. But you don't have access to new areas so you don't have their map files, monsters and quests downloaded. If you buy Heavensward you will still need to download some additional stuff.

Then if I buy the retail version, add it to my account, and then log in via steam, would it download the heavensward content via the patcher?

If so this is truly a 30 dollar patcher as the steam version of Heavensward wouldnt even be needed on the steam version.

Yes it'll download it, or rather it'll offer to download it for you. There's also an option in the settings (cog on the launcher) to auto download expansions.

As 1have2much3time wrote above, the launcher is exactly the same for Steam and non-Steam. You don't even need to run it from Steam (unlike most Steam games, it isn't Steam aware/doesn't care if Steam is running).

Edit: I realise this hasn't come up in this thread, but I feel it's worth mentioning, because the launcher isn't a Steam specific version, don't ever use Steam's "verify files" feature unless you have no other choice. Steam will compare the files on the disk (3.35) to the version it has when you initially downloaded the game (about 2.1) and will rollback the game to that point deleting all newer content/expansion and forcing you to redownload 2.1 from the Steam servers.

And then when you run it, the launcher will have to redownload all the patches/expansion again... :(

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