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After Leaving Cashtime Life, Nomuzi Mabena Set to Start Her Own Record Label.

Jul 25 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 916 | Comments: 0


She may have left Cashtime Life but it seems Nomuzi Mabena is adamant to make it in the music industry, even forming her own record label.

A message sent to Slikour from Sbuda Roc this week revealed that Nomuzi is working on new music and will soon be releasing a single through her own record label, Nomuzi Mabena Music.

“So last night I got a shout from Sbuda just to notify me that the Nomoozie slaughter is on the way. We can expect new music from the lady on 10 August and the label that cuts the cheques is called Nomuzi Mabena Music,” Slikour announced on his site this week.

It’s not clear yet if Nomuzi is planning to sign other artists to the label but she has spoken before about  wanting to spread her wings in music- an evolution that she alluded to in a statement announcing her split from Cashtime. 

Since her departure from the popular label in March, and her subsequent gig on Vuzu, fans have wondered if Nomuzi would continue making music.

She has featured on several projects since the split, including on tracks with DJ Speedsta and Rouge, but with this new move has signalled her intention to stick around for a little while longer.

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