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Messi and Iniesta are Andre - Gomez select key Barcelona. According to Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" reported Gomez chose Barcelona, ​​is hoping to play with Messi and Iniesta. In terms of selection to join the team, Gomez has the final say. In terms of offer, the price of WOMEN FORTE JERSEY 2016 Real Madrid and Barcelona in fact is about the same, but the members of the European Cup final choice of the red WOMEN FORTE JERSEY 2016 and blue army, Barcelona's football because of his admirers, longing and Messi and Iniesta play with beautiful picture. Gomez people around to the "Daily Sport newspaper," revealed the reason he chose Barcelona. Gomez in the past two seasons playing in Valencia, he has become one of the attacking midfielders in Europe and the world football's most promising, after he won the "Bat Legion" high level of FOSTER JERSEY 2016 commitment in the two Buying club out under the same conditions, he has the final say. In the case of clubs such as Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain exit, Valencia got the hands of two very similar quotes: Real Madrid and Barcelona. GRAHAM JERSEY 2016 This time the turn of the player to make the final choice, and he eventually chose Barcelona. "Daily Sport newspaper," said Enrique team's style of play and the ball-type attraction to Gomez great, compared to Real Madrid, he believes he can adapt to the Barcelona football because the ball Zidane team, the ball is not absolute protagonist. In addition, Gomez joined Barcelona also make a dream come true, and that is his idol Lionel Messi and Iniesta play with.
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