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Clare would like to retire like Duncan

Jul 22 '16 | By Mike Tan | Views: 113 | Comments: 0

Despite the current distance Kevin Durant officially joined the warriors have passed 10 days time, but until now warriors star clay Thompson still for the myteam coins fact that feel some incredible.

"I still can't believe it, until he (Durant) really wear the shirt and we stand together on the pitch. This is incredible, KD best quality is he very grounded, he really want to do better."

It is worth mentioning is that in Durant joined the warriors of the conference, Freddy Adu has quipped clay have a cell phone, which may due to his prior to joining the warriors may want to call the same clay, but he didn't answer, when it comes to this issue, clay said he in the off-season period will rarely leave their phones in the body.

"Hey, buddy, I in the offseason can be very difficult to contact, I generally don't take phone on the body, I usually stay at the beach or soak in the training hall, mobile phones are now beginning to attract our attention, to go out to do something really good at this time, as we as a child like that."

"I mean KD may sometimes feel that I'm a little cold, Bob (warriors, general manager of Myers) may also think so, they may feel that clay is nba 2k17 mt a very difficult to get along with people, they may sometimes think, 'Oh, he (clay) in what to do?' Or he looks almost like a mystery. But I think I'm funny."

Although Clay thinks he is a funny person, but in our opinion, his seriousness is far greater than his sense of humor, in our impression that he has always been a low-key potential stock. In today's interview, clay said publicly that he wants when he retires he can like spurs legend Tim Duncan as no sound information to leave, which is obviously very much in line with the clay has been the attitude.

"I might be on a small island, I like fishing and golf, and I still play basketball, too. But I will try to stay out of the limelight, I want to like nba 2k17 coins Tim Duncan (retired), I don't know in Tim retired after we can hear more news about him, he is a from the small island of big boy, so he should look does not appear on the network. "

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