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Albion Online: crafting in any way

Jul 19 '16 | By bladesoul | Views: 164 | Comments: 0

I took the farming path last alpha because it was the newest feature to be added to the game, And found it nicely profitable Albion Online Gold. I was selling tier 1 horses right up until the last day of the alpha. A lot of players simply don't want to be bothered with crafting in any way, shape or form. They are in the game for the dungeon runs, and pvp. There will always be a market for horses, because of the long "grow" time and travel on foot is slow. They also increase the amount of material and gear that you can carry. 

If your girlfriend is only interested in the farming aspect of the game then I think she will have fun and make a profit. Food also is a profitable item in because all buildings and territories require food as part of their upkeep. 

In my opinion one of the first things that new players will be doing is checking out the AH to get a mount, And yes there were Dire Wolves as mounts. I was able to craft those last alpha but no on in my guild got one until the last day of the alpha. Though it never got crafted as a mount because we couldn't locate a high enough saddlery or upgrade ours in enough time.

Direwolfs and Direboars are hightier ridable mounts - require a "Kennel" e.g. a T6 building to raise - and take even more "farming" food to feed...that means you proably will need a small group/guild of dedicated playeres to get those breed and raised during alpha or be very lucky in getting one in PVP-Loot from Cheap Albion Online Gold. The required parts are rare drops of the Direwolf&Direboars (roam in certain red area pvp maps or resource terriotries last alpha plus u need to have the required skinning and refining skills to get the resour

They are great ideas ... and the potential in this game has always been very high for those types of things. Sandbox has openly committed to keeping the safe zone game interesting. But you will encounter alot of resistance among the pvp players. In forum and in game. Sandbox see's the safe zone game as attracting players to eventually pvp .. by learning how to pvp through yellow zones and limiting the guild vrs guild fight to some extent (5vrs5 etc). It is a PvP centric game and will be at launch. All the best resources and the highest tier of anything will be through red pvp zones. So in the end if large guilds and pvp are not your thing... the game only attracts your attention for 6 months to a year ..maybe.. depending on how they work their subscription at launch.

True however many of the players who will be trying the game for the first time after it launches will be getting a bare bones character. They will start out in their underwear in one of the starting towns. Getting from point A to point B can be a long slow walk, 

There is a mechanic in game that will slow down your characters walk/run speed the more burdened it becomes. It will be very difficult to farm any type of materials without a mount. Everything in this game can get damaged and/or break. If you die in a save zone all of your gear takes a 30% damage hit. That includes any mount you will have on you. If you die in a pvp zone, your body can get looted and that includes your mount. 

So in my view and having gone through 2 alphas, mounts will be a viable commodity especially for the newer players. Yes there will be the contingent that wants little or nothing to do with full loot pvp and may never set foot in a pvp zone to Buy Albion Online Silver. And that's fine, but if they are going to harvest anything they will need a mount to bring back any reasonably useful quantity of materials.

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