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Garnett Kevin wants to see the team go into the playoffs next season

Jul 19 '16 | By Mike Tan | Views: 176 | Comments: 0

With the twenty-first Century years ago to enter the League of stars have retired, no doubt, for 21 seasons in the myteam coins Garnett - Kevin has become the league's most senior players in the league.

In the face of the upcoming occupation career in the twenty-second season, the 40 year old "whether to continue their pace of progress? NBA Steve, Aschburner's official website, has been able to talk to Garnett about the subject.

"Kevin, what are you going to do next?"

His answer is: "I really want to play a year, because I want to see our team back to the playoffs."

Then he said, "I don't know, I can't see."

The reporter asks: "so what does this mean?"

"I don't know." He answered calmly.

Next season, Garnett and the forest wolf contract amount of 800 million, for last season only played 38 games, averaging 3.2 points and 3.9 rebounds and 1.6 assists for the 0.3 block of the veteran, nba 2k17 mt this salary is respected. Of course, Minnesota, people will not forget once Garnett in the League cut end averaged a double double (17.8 points and 10 rebounds) passion for years.

Since the beginning of the 1995 rookie season, the first round of 5 show Garnett - Kevin for the forest wolf in a row for the 12 season. From high school students to grow into a handful of league players, during a total of ten selected all star Garnett, and crowned the 2003-04 season of the all star MVP and regular season MVP. Garnett in many ways materializes in team history the first person, the forest wolf is a veritable spiritual leader, fans respectfully call for "wolf king".

In August 2007, Garnett was sent to Boston in a deal with the Celtics, where and Ray - Allen, Pearce composed of three giants. For the good of the whole, Garnett at the expense of the personal data, focused on defense, and therefore won the defensive player of the year, also hoped to help the team win, won a championship ring.

The two years of his career, although the team proudlly, Garnett personal union but in a time of record refresh. December 2014 nets against the Chicago Bulls game makes Garnett become NBA history only a win at least 25000 points, 10000 rebounds, 5000 assists, 2000 blocks and steals (1800) players.

In February 2015, Minnesota formally meet the wolf king home. After a lapse of eight years, go back to the beginning of the dream,nba 2k17 coins here brought together a large number of young people of outstanding talent, but the lack of such as Garnett when general wolf bloody. Garnett for the meaning here is not only an upright veteran, is the young people's spiritual mentor.

Six years ago, he said to the little emperor James: "don't let your loyalty hurt you."." Now he, but at the age of forty years old is still not confused with the age of the forest wolf to contribute their loyalty. Perhaps in the heart of KG, he should belong here, and loyalty has nothing to do.

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