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You can't just have an unlimited amount of new ffxiv mechanics

Jul 18 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 232 | Comments: 0

People complain of them being reused but at least they're in different ways or variations. Sohr Khal had mostly new mechanics as well.....also your review is extremely biased. You have to base on WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT not on all your hopes buy ffxiv gil, dreams & things that just won't happen. Like did you really expect an "open" dungeon after all of 2.4 - 3.x linear dungeons so far? It'd be illogical.

Mcach is a good fun Raid with intetesting mechanics. Visually impressive.

Sohr Khal is pretty good with fun bosses(bar moogle)

HB HM is a rehashed HB with one okay boss, adds, & a poisonous meatbag.

Nidhogg is incredibly fun(as long as you have a good party) with amazing music, & my absolute favorite Trial.

Aquapolis is RNG on top of RNG 8x with meh rewards until the last room, but is kinda fun & something different.

Relic is quite nice, much easier than 210 yet still grindy enough to pass time w/o slamming your face into a broken mirror

Moogle is Ixali with pricey rewards.

PVP Shatter is actually pretty fun, it's nice to focus rocks instead of being swarmed to death, but the PVP itself still feels horribly unbalanced and terrible.

Overall for 3.x I'd say it's much better than 3.1, worse than 3.2 & 3.0.

5 or 6/10

Anyway...why did I post this again?

I've done the new dungeons once each. There's no reason to get tomestones anymore (all gear will be replaced by Alexander 3 normal mode...) and they're not that fun (as you said, beautiful hallways) so there's no reason for me to do them. I like Aquapolis, but it has a lot of wasted potential. Weeping City is neat, but it's designed for 24 strangers to win on their first time seeing the dungeon in under 2 hours, so it's a hallway and not all that challenging. Most of the 24 man raids have been hallways, but this zone is so nice and wide open that I really, really wish it wasn't. 

Nidhogg is okay.

I had a lot of hope for Deep Dungeon until some recent comments indicating you could clear it with 4 DPS classes.

The lack of compelling item rewards (4 relevant stats in the game, 2 pieces of gear per item level tier, no choice) plus the lack of compelling design (mechanics might be interesting but everything surrounding the fights is completely the same) is quickly killing my motivation to log in.

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