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4csgoskins news: Would an exchange or pool wagering system address some of Valve’s concerns?

Jul 18 '16 | By 4csgoskins | Views: 83 | Comments: 0

  CSGO Trade Would an exchange or pool wagering system address some of Valve’s concerns?

  Even if OPSkins were a gambling website, which it is not, its primary function is to pair buyers and sellers of skins together in a marketplace, similar to Steam itself.

  This also differentiates it from gambling sites, many of which rely more heavily on offsetting bets against “the house” by using bot accounts to facilitate the movement of skins to and from and bettors.

  Valve appeared to address these bot accounts in its announcement, noting that gambling sites, “create automated Steam accounts that make the same web calls as individual Steam users.”

  One potential work-around that skin betting sites could institute to curtail the usage of bots would be an exchange wagering type system. In this system, two bettors would be paired together, each wagering a proportional stake of items against one another, as opposed to one bettor taking on the house, as would happen at a traditional sports book.

  Such a betting system, as well as a parimutuel style of esports betting, could theoretically eliminate the use of automated accounts used by the house, which constituted one of Valve’s two main concerns in the announcement.

  It’s unknown, though, if such a system would satisfy whatever overarching, general concerns Valve has with esports wagering.

  As ESPN reported last year, some courts have Buy CSGO Skins found even exchange wagering operators to constitute bookmaking enterprises.

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