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Emtee's five managers cause chaos

Jul 17 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 631 | Comments: 0

An Emtee selfie with fellow TIOT contestant Karlien van Jaarsveld

I had a chuckle on Friday and thought you would too...

There was a launch for the new season of Tropika Island of Treasure that I told you about last week. It was at the Expresso Studios in Sea Point and the seven competing schlebs were supposed to be there.

I was curious to meet Emtee because I haven't met him before and I'm quizzy about his Meteoric Rise and the acting thang he's doing so he was the first person I looked for when I arrived. But he was nowhere to seen.

Turns out he'd arrived in Cape Town the day before but had to fly straight back to Jozi immediately because he hasfive managers and two of them made a mess of his arrangements.

An insider spilt the beans when I snooped for the goss. Apparently one manager organised his trip for Tropika and the other organised a concert for him and neither told the other - or Emtee. He had to get a chartered plane - or something similar - an emergency flight straight back.

Of course my first thought was: what's the point of having five managers if they don't manage you?! And how did he choose them? Can anyone suddenly become a manager? Did he give them an organisational test and if not, why not? I'll definitely ask him should I meet him in the future.
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