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Atandwa Kani reveals all about His Life.

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This statement serves to give an honest, detailed account of the events that transpired between myself and Ms. Thembisa Mdoda. Ms. Mdoda and I met in 2004 at Wits University. We had an on and off relationship throughout our student years. We both, consequently, moved on and were involved with other people.


Tshisa Atandwa!

In 2011 we met up again on a casual basis. Soon after, she told me that she was pregnant. My immediate response was to request a paternity test once the children were born, because she was intimately involved with another man at that particular time. This request was met with hostility. I decided, assuming I was the father, to do the appropriate, befitting and right thing, which was to be a supportive and active partner throughout her pregnancy. I would introduce the ‘paternity’ topic every now and then, but would be met with a continuously growing unwillingness and animosity, even to the point of being threatened I would never see the children if I decided to press on with the issue.


Eish this part Mara makes me  wanna scratch my head, like why do people have to wait this long to get things right or wrong in their lives… I think that explains why I’m still single becasue I give you all the imperative facts zibekwa nje you decided and the rest we learn as we grow together… Should we not agree or have unwillingness signs its either we will end off or be benefiting friends. However, people lie, they lie everyday and would lie all the time to protect themselves… from what? Andazi


The children were born in 2012 and Ms. Mdoda and I split the parenting responsibilities and continued our relationship., However, in 2014 rumours surfaced that she had been unfaithful. Once the media caught wind of this story, I decided, in order to protect the children and my family name, to deny the allegations and we threatened to sue the publication. In 2015, when the relationship with said man persisted and more rumours sprung that she had aborted this man’s baby, I decided to leave the relationship. During that confrontation, she slapped me across the face countless times and swore I would never see the children again. Soon after this incident, she told the papers that she had been in an abusive relationship, claiming to have been ‘black, blue and battered’, expressing to her family that I had deserted her and the children.

People must refrain from smearing each other, if things don’t work out be like Gywneth Paltrow and Chris Martin claim “concious upcoupling” and leave it at that.


She kept me from seeing the children for many months, which prompted my family and I to seek legal assistance from a family lawyer. After months of deliberation and a seemingly unending stalemate, in November 2015, she eventually agreed to take the paternity test. I collected the blood test results from Lancet Laboratories four weeks later in December 2015 and the results revealed conclusively that: “Probability of Paternity: 0.000%” – Lancet Laboratories, 2015 With them further explaining: “The results of DNA profiling analysis of the three persons identified above indicate that ATANDWA KANI is EXCLUDED from being the biological father of (the) child:…” – Lancet Laboratories, 2015 Once this became public knowledge, she denied it and said that the results of the paternity test were inconclusive. This is untrue. As of yet, the only disputes made by her have been to the media, and not to Lancet Laboratories. I felt it necessary to clarify this information, as I wish to squash all public speculation and move on with my new life, leaving this chapter behind.

I think these news come at rather a good time that Thembisa Mdoda is on leave/holiday, do you think she took leave knowing this was going to happen *scratches head*… Either way life does indeed go on.

I feel sorry for the kids and their families at this point.

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