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How much CEOs earn in South Africa

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PWC has released its latest “Executive directors – Practices and remuneration trends report”, which sheds light on executive remuneration in South Africa.

The report is based on data for the 12-month reporting period ended 29 April 2016.

Information was extracted from the annual reports of 360 actively trading companies listed on the JSE.

How much CEOs and CFOs earn

According to PWC, there is little evidence that listed executive remuneration is out of line either locally or globally.

“The importance of pay-for-performance is recognised by CEOs and is high on their agenda,” said PWC.

“Remuneration policies are constantly being revisited as organisations and their remuneration committees strive to strike a balance between executive remuneration and stakeholder satisfaction.”

The table below shows the total guaranteed package of levels and increases given to CEOs, CFOs, and executive directors in different industries.

Large-cap companies

SectorMedian CEO pay (R’000)Median CFO pay (R’000)Median Executive Director pay (R’000)Basic Resources21 95910 79215 334Financial Services7 0504 5924 076Industrials14 7597 0615 326Services7 7243 9133 301

Medium-cap companies

SectorMedian CEO pay (R’000)Median CFO pay (R’000)Median Executive Director pay (R’000)Basic Resources7 6695 1193 592Financial Services7 0502 2662 593Industrials5 9693 7754 018Services4 9693 9982 849

Small-cap companies (including AltX)

SectorMedian CEO pay (R’000)Median CFO pay (R’000)Median Executive Director pay (R’000)Basic Resources1 5941 6521 901Financial Services2 1741 6421 607Industrials3 5102 3522 147Services3 8522 0972 254AltX1 9311 3561 076

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