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Bonang Matheba not interested in nonsense

Jul 14 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 751 | Comments: 0

Bonang Matheba says that despite being “tried on so many occasions over the weekend”, she will not let anyone or anything get in the way of her goals.

Euphonik tried Bonang on Sunday by publicly labelling her a "hlanyo", and claiming he had a hand in her success.

Bonang-basher Pearl Thusi is probably also one of the people who tried her.

Pearl and Bonang’s partner, rapper AKA, exchanged some heated words on Twitter.

While AKA told Pearl where she can get off, Bonang is more focused on her career than dealing with drama.

She shared the lessons she has learned about achieving greatness on her blog this week.

Queen B says she will not allow the weekend's negative energy to ruin her grind.

“It made me realise how easy it can be to lose track of things because of external factors; both in life and in the entertainment industry. And it’s also very easy to simply lose momentum and dwell on the noise, the hate and things that don’t build, but destroy."

That is one classy way to give Euphonik the finger.

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