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First Tbo Touch, Now Refiloe Mpakanyane Has Resigned From Metro FM

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Metro FM news anchor Refiloe Mpakanyane has confirmed to TMG Entertainment that she has resigned from the SABC after 11 years.

Refiloe, who anchored news on the Tbo Touch show, handed in her resignation on Tuesday afternoon.

Tbo Touch confirmed to TMG Entertainment that he would be leaving the station three weeks ago.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment, Refiloe says that the decision was not because of any bad blood, but rather it was simply time to move on.

“I have been at the SABC for 11 years in various roles. I went there straight after varsity and you get to a point where you realise that your own dreams and goals have changed.”

There had been some speculation that Touch had resigned because of so called ‘forced’ changes on his show, a claim he has denied.

“It was time. I have absolute respect for the SABC and I am grateful for every opportunity that was given to me. There is no animosity,” he told us.

The same goes for Refiloe, who said that she would be taking a break before moving on to her next adventure.

“There are absolutely no bad vibes here. I don’t have time for that. This was really a decision about my own life, my own career and my own family.”

Reluctant to elaborate on what her next step would be, Refiloe would only say that she has got a few projects lined up that would see her dipping in and out of the country.

“All I’ll say is if you’re in Hong Kong, give me a call and I’ll take you out to lunch.”


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