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Riders of Icarus: changing the textures model

Jul 13 '16 | By bladesoul | Views: 2724 | Comments: 0

Changing the textures model is one thing but changing the entire model size is another thing and not doable on an online game like that.

If you tried to change the spider model you would get a lot of errors and im sure your game would need more Riders of Icarus Gold. You would have to change the hit box on that model and everything linked in some way to that. Any references to that spider model would have to be changed too.

Is there a way to have the webbed quest incomplete and move on in the story to the city?

Or to get a mod that changes the spiders to something else? :/

I have a phobia of spiders I swear. Ugh. If anyone could make that mod earlier that would be appriciated I hope someone would make it but I don't expect anyone to Icarus Gold. Anyways don't go saying "you shouldn't be playing this if you can't handle this and that "

If you're not a child. Take the fear by the horns and play the damn game. These spiders are pixels. They are not real spiders. They can't jump in your face throught the monitor.

They sure won't do anything about this. That's like asking them to remove the water from the game because you are scared of water. 

You really need to make the difference between reality and pixels.

Don't play the game if pixels spiders make you scream in terror. (Sorry i had to say it).

This is an online game. Most games don't have mod support, especially online games. This game happens to be a CryEngine game, and textures are pretty easily replaceable on CryEngine games. However, I am not aware of actually replacing models to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. The only "mod" I have seen for this game is a nude mod (it doesn't look good), but I haven't really searched. I am 100% sure no one has made a mod to replace the spiders, because this is a video game and not real life.

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