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Gospel Singer Sfiso Ncwane.... I Wanted To Die…...

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Gospel heavyweight Sfiso Ncwane has spoken out about wanting to end his life, after receiving copious amounts of backlash for buying a R1.9 million Mercedez Benz as a gift for a pastor, who he says saved his live after suffering a heart attack.

Speaking to Move! the singer revealed he fell into a depression after being subjected to harsh criticism for donating the luxury car to Reverend Francis Anosike, in addition to reports that surfaced claiming that his mother was living in poverty.

“My life was a mess as I took flak from people concerning the car that I bought my spiritual father and also about the issue of my mother having no food,” he told the local publication.

“I tried to remain strong and deal with the situation, however my life was difficult. I couldn’t take it anymore and I ended up being depressed.”

He further points out that, as a result, he contemplated suicide.

“I wanted to die and I didn’t care how I would end my life.” 

To help him through this dark time, Sfiso claims his wife and pastor prayed for him and counselled him out of suicide.

“My spiritual father, Reverend Anosike and my wife Ayanda prayed for me and had a serious talk with me concerning my decision,” he revealed.

”They told me that being suicidal was not the answer to whatever issues I had. While we were praying, I heard the voice of God telling me that I would pass this stage and be victorious again. I regained my strength and held my head high, and this is when I started believing in myself again.”

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